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Circo – Ceretto Wines of Piedmont & Alba Truffle Dinner

Mid-November, I was invited to an awesome dinner at Circo featuring wines of Piedmont and truffles. Yes, truffles. This dinner cost diners who wanted to partake $275.00/person. For me … and a lucky friend … free.

Yeah, being me doesn’t really suck. Or being my friend… ;)

Circo Alba White Truffle Dinner 01.jpg

We had canapes first: cured salmon with creme fraiche; yum. A salt cod croquette, also yum, and something deep fried atop romesco which I’m now forgetting… served with Ceretto, Lange DOC Arneis “Blange” 2012.

Circo Alba White Truffle Dinner 02.jpg

Our first course: pithivier of Hudson Valley quail, foie gras, caramelized onion, frisee salad, and perigourdine sauce. Topped with a generous cascade of truffles, this was really yummy – rich duck and foie gras encased in puff pastry, yes please! Despite that, it wasn’t a very heavy dish and I didn’t feel gross when I finished it.

Paired nicely with Ceretto, Barbaresco DOCG “Asij” 2009

Circo Alba White Truffle Dinner 03.jpg

House made Porcini mushroom tortelli, butternut squash, chestnut, and of course – more white truffle, shaved atop. I really thoroughly enjoyed this dish – it was very earthy and despite not having any meat, tasted very meaty with the mushrooms… so good.

Served alongside Ceretto Bricco Asili, Barbaresco DOCG “Bernardot” 2008

Circo Alba White Truffle Dinner 04.jpg

I was approaching ridiculously full at this point when this ginormo beef cheek landed in front of me. I LOVE cheeks of all animals and this was no different – braised Wagyu beef cheek, shaved white truffle with pureed potato, Tuscan kale, and speck. The tender beef cheek melted in my mouth, quivered at a hard fork jab, and was brilliantly prepared. The portion was too big, so I gave more than half of it to my dining companion, Cheese, who graciously ate it for me. The chef showed some restraint and the potatoes were awesome, without being overly truffle-y (I frequently have dishes where they try to hard to be all “LOOK I HAVE TRUFFLES!” – this was not the case here) – instead, the truffles were used to best effect, complementing and enhancing the beef flavor of the cheeks. Swoon, YUM.

Ceretto Bricco Rocche, Barolo DOCG “Brunate” 2007

Circo Alba White Truffle Dinner 06.jpg Circo Alba White Truffle Dinner 05.jpg

Our chocolate sphere, hazelnut cream, vanilla, mixed berries was brought to the table pristine and whole, then a chocolate drizzled on top while it deflated. Pretty – and pretty tasty – though dessert remains not my favorite course.

To finish, of course: Ceretto Vinaioli di Santo Stefano, Moscato d’Asti DOCG 2012 – always a delicious sweet finish to the night.

I had a lovely time that night, drinking to excess and chatting about wine, baseball and football with the guys from Ceretto and enjoying massive quantities of absolutely delicious food. Chef Alfie came out to chat for a bit about the menu and the dishes as well – we were well taken care of that night!

Circo occasionally offers special menus like this, so sign up for the newsletter or check the website, follow them on Twitter to keep up with all the latest!

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Please note that I attended this dinner courtesy of Circo’s PR (thank you!). I was under no obligation to post about it (but why wouldn’t I? those dishes were awesome!), nor did I receive any form of compensation to do so.

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3 Responses to “Circo – Ceretto Wines of Piedmont & Alba Truffle Dinner”
  1. CheeeeEEEEse says:

    I enjoyed the dinner very much Yvo. Thanks.

    I think the salt cod was on the romesco though. The croquette ball on the right was on a truffle potato puree if I remember correctly.

    Dessert was my least favorite, but I still think I ate half. :P

    The beef cheek was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten I think. So tender and the truffles really accented the dish nicely.

  2. hungry says:

    I missed this. WAH! I only have myself to blame.

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