Thursday, April 24, 2014

burgers & cupcakes

Ages and ages ago, Dessert Zombie sent me a Living Social deal that entitled me to $20 of food at Burgers and Cupcakes. The expiration date was fast approaching when he messaged me asking if we should go (he’d gotten one as well), so we headed over to Hell’s Kitchen with our vouchers in hand. Our server was accommodating insomuch as our vouchers clearly state one per table, but she checked with her manager and they both said we just had to have separate checks, which was fine for both of us.

IMG_9005.JPG I ordered a burger with thick cut bacon and pepperjack cheese along with chili cheese fries. The paper boat of fries covered in liquid cheese – which is one of my ultimate guilty pleasures – repulsed me. I was a bit concerned because um well my fries were going to sog up, right? I ate them anyway and noted a good spice to the chili, and though the fries did get soggy quickly, it is what it is. Meaning: these were not delicious eats, but if a person was stoned, they would totally love these.


My burger was cooked to the proper doneness and was actually quite tasty. Though the bacon was unnecessary, the burger patty itself was seasoned nicely and really didn’t need much added to it. I thoroughly enjoyed my burger and would totally not hesitate to order one again – if I were nearby. I still don’t consider this a destination burger.

Dessert Zombie held true to his name and ordered a cupcake – and ate it before his burger. I think he thought it was okay. I’m sure he’ll share his opinion in comments.

Since I hadn’t yet hit my $20, I added on a couple of packets of cookies (made in-house) for $2 each. I had the chocolate chip, which surprised me because they were crispy and I usually don’t care for crispy cookies but I really liked these… and I also got jam thumbprint cookies which I LOVED. But I love jam thumbprint cookies (not sure why I don’t get them more… hmm). I didn’t take pictures because I ate them elsewhere, but those cookies are such a steal! A package of about 6? or maybe more? were like $2. I think I’ll go get some more the next time I’m even a block or two away…

Haha, so that’s my final assessment: the cookies are great, and the burger is also very good. And please ignore my review from so many years ago, I had no experience with carrot cake before that and just… I’m a silly girl.

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11 Responses to “burgers & cupcakes”
  1. corinne says:

    burger pic looks so good.

  2. Dessert Zombie says:

    The cupcake was ok. Raspberry inside the yellow cake was a nice surprise. The burger was delicious. Bacon was unnecessary and way too dry. Chili cheese fries never again. I normally enjoy fries toppings free with a little bit of ketchup on the side.

  3. LKPNYC says:

    I LOVE jam thumbprints! Will have to check them out ASAP. Mmmm…cookies.

    • SO good! Like buttery crumbly cookie but then the center was jammy and wonderful. Yum, I want cookies. Cookies and fries. I think I’ll start a place called cookies and fries… hahaha!

  4. hungry says:

    When I lived in Hell’s Kitchen, I always walked by this place on my way to the butcher. It was always empty.

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