My BFF has alternating Thursdays off from work, so we occasionally meet up for lunch on those days. On one such occasion recently, we decided to check out this Turkish restaurant in the area, as I love Turkish food and she’s a fan as well… plus there’s an awesome lunch deal: choice of soup, choice of salad, choice of entrée, for $11.99.


We both chose to start with the chicken vegetable soup, which was incredibly sweet and generous with the vegetables. I know we both enjoyed this thoroughly, as we looked at each other and mentally communicated, “Off to a really good start…”


This warm, fluffy and delicious bread was given to us, and we inhaled it. OMG, this was so good, we actually wound up asking for more, which was given to us without remark…


mostly to swipe happily through the hummus I chose as my salad. BFF chose the green salad, which was also good, but my hummus – so, so good. SO GOOD.


BFF went with the chicken adana, which boasted red peppers and other delicious bits. I tried a piece and found it incredibly moist and very flavorful. Yum!


I’m still on a quest to find excellent kofta in NYC, so when I saw “Turkish meatballs” on the menu, I asked our server if that was kofta. He confirmed, so I ordered it. While these were very tasty, they weren’t quite the same kofta I had in Turkey, sigh. The rice pilaf and the grilled tomato on the side were also delicious, and I thoroughly enjoyed my entire plate.

At $12/person for all of the above – and a cup of coffee or tea at the end of the meal – I thought this was a great value. I liked everything I ate, and I definitely intend to return sooner than later to explore more of the menu.

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  1. Corinne Flax says

    Wow! That looks great. Tomorrow night I’m bringing a host of people to Sunnyside for Lebanese, do you have a favorite place?

    • says

      I do, actually – my favorite for Lebanese, especially for first timers, is ilili in the Flatiron District. It’s slightly upscale – not the prices, but the feel of the place and the décor/atmosphere are posh – and the service is so phenomenal, they will go over the whole menu with you even with a full house to explain the dishes and if you have dietary restrictions, etc. which is great. And the food is fantastic – I can’t claim to know “authentic” but it truly is delicious.

      For more local, though, I also love Wafa’s (in Forest Hills) for Lebanese – they also have fantastic service and it’s a family business (the mom runs the kitchen, the son runs the dining room) and they are both super nice, friendly, and the food is also amazing. I go 2-3x a month actually, haha. It’s a bit of a hike from the subway but there’s also a bus that goes near there I believe (but walking is good because afterwards, I am so stuffed – and usually have leftovers, too – that a nice walk does me good).

      Hope you enjoy wherever you wind up going – do let me know, though, I’m always on the lookout for more places!

      • CheeeeEEEEse says

        OMFG, ilili was fantastic when I went for my birthday last year. The staff was suuuuper knowledgeable about the menu and really helped my mom pick out anything that would fit her frankly ridiculous dietary needs.

        On top of that all their meat dishes were great. Especially the steak tartare! I have a soft raw spot in my heart for tartare.

      • says

        I will also jump on the ilili bandwagon. I went back recently too. Just as good. Stick with the smaller plates to share. They’re not really that small.

        And if you like cheese, order the knafe pie from the dessert menu as part of your dinner.

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