I recently had the absolute pleasure of checking out some of the newest beer dispensing technology in NYC at Hospoda on the Upper East Side. Unfortunately, as I’ve proved to myself time and time again, I’m not a real beer drinker. I love my IPAs and that’s about it. Some people might say that makes me a beer drinker – as I know plenty of people who can’t drink IPAs – but I don’t even know what my point is anymore. Let’s just say, I went to Hospoda and while their new drafting system is really interesting…

Hospoda 07.jpg

which uses pipe screens in the nozzles to create different types and levels of head in each beer style they’ve created…

Hospoda 04.jpg Hospoda 05.jpg Hospoda 06.jpg

I was way more interested in the food.

Hospoda 01.jpg

All sorts of snacks were put out for our enjoyment.

Hospoda 02.jpg

These were particularly lovely – a type of German ham atop slices of brown bread with cornichons were delicious, as were – in the back – thick slices of kielbasa topped with housemade sauerkraut. Yum. I think I ate like 3 or 4 each of these…

Hospoda 03.jpg

Truffled egg salad, stinky cheese sandwiches… all of it, delicious. I look forward to returning for a real meal!

Hospoda 08.jpg

Last but not least, I asked if I could try the cucumber mint soda… and oh my! essence of cucumber and its slight mintiness captured in a glass. LOVE. This was really tasty – even better in the summer, laying by the pool… and perhaps with a generous splash of gin. I managed to get the general recipe, too – which I can’t share – but I will definitely be trying my hand at making this later this year, once it gets warm, for my own cucumber gin sodas… mmm, so good!

If you like beer and new ways to drink it – go here, because I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and intrigued by their style. While you’re there, definitely try some bites, because the chef is a super talented, super nice woman who knows her Bavarian food somehow, despite not being from the region. So tasty!

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      It makes the beer foam/creates head, but because of the way they pull the tap, they can control how much or how little of it is created. It’s pretty interesting, but I’m afraid the point was lost on me.

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