What I’ve been eating…


Told you I was going to try posting this more often! Driving down to NC to visit my girl Aimee, stopped at Cracker Barrel for my favorite chicken fried chicken covered in country gravy, sauteed veggies and hash brown casserole. YUM.

20130117_200708.jpg Nachos at El Senor.


It’s becoming a bit of a tradition to end the trip with WAFFLE HOUSE!!! BLT with my smothered, diced, capped hash browns. YUM.


Pork stir fry over rice! I discovered a fantastic stir fry sauce that I made myself. I’ll share the recipe soon.


Brunch at Agora Tavern with my bestie.


Chicken noodle soup and a “Greek” salad from Panera Cafe.I put “Greek” in quotes because they failed to include that which makes it a Greek salad: olives, etc.


Delicious bites at Hospoda!


Blurry overhead shot of brother’s birthday dinner at Canton Gourmet. Everything was absolutely delicious! the clams with slightly spicy meaty bits was awesome.


Banana walnut torte that I made for my brother’s birthday.

20130111_120335.jpg IMG_20130111_120719.jpg

Walnuts, Chobani 0% fat plain yogurt, bananas, drizzle of maple syrup… makes for one of the bestest high protein breakfasts ever.


More of that delicious stir fry sauce, this time with udon. So freaking good. I literally made the sauce 3-4x until I was satisfied with the proportions and taste. So, so freaking good. Yum.


An inside shot of the Belly Dancer from JoJu sandwiches. Not bad… not bad at all.


Banh mi fries from JoJu. Fried egg on top with runny yolk? Yes. Yes indeed. And the fries are super crisp.

20130122_193514.jpg 20130122_194517.jpg

Wings and a salad from Atomic Wings in TriBeCa.


An interesting dessert at Nish Nush for Dessert Zombie… pita spread with chocolate. I thought it was good, but he was much harsher than I.


Coffee in my new French press, a gift from Dessert Zombie! (Thanks again!)


Sauteed mustard greens, duck fried rice, sugar snap peas with chipotle honey butter, topped with a fried egg with a perfectly runny yolk. YUM.

*I used an egg from Pete & Gerry’s – provided by them. Delicious – a richer, yellower yolk than I’m used to. (Opinion is my own; I was not compensated for this mention, though I received a dozen courtesy of their PR.)


A “Swiss” bun… I think that’s what it’s called… from a Chinese bakery, alongside my chicken potato cilantro soup. Yes, I like cilantro. A LOT.


A small stack of pancakes with elderberry syrup (not pictured) and a toffee nut mocha from Starbucks.


Fully loaded baked potato soup. YES THAT IS HOW I ROLL. And that’s why I’m fat.


After a failed attempt at a Malaysian restaurant that was randomly closed on a Tuesday, yaki udon from the hibachi place next door. Greasy and not good.

20130130_194940.jpg 20130130_200217.jpg

A couple of treats from Paris Baguette after dinner with the bestie: “royal pudding” which was soooooo good, and a huge red bean mochi that I didn’t like as much as I liked the royal pudding (the red bean filling was a little chalky, and the mochi part not chewy enough for my tastes).


Chicken potato cilantro soup, along with some brown butter mushrooms and soy glazed hot dogs – with the addition of Sriracha. Spicy!


A slice of cake to say farewell to someone who was leaving at work. It was pretty good. I shouldn’t have eaten it.


My Elvis pancake: pancake topped with Dark Chocolate Dreams by PB&Co (dark chocolate peanut butter; omg it’s so good, one of my obsessions! I eat it by the spoonful when no one’s looking, which is always because I live alone!), mashed banana, and bacon. This was pretty darn good, though more bacon next time – this leaned on the sweet side, and I’d prefer it a little more on the savory side.


Bailey’s in a Maker’s Mark sweater… goes great in my awesome Williams-Sonoma hint-of-mint hot chocolate. Yeah, I got it like that.


Roasted cabbage, charentais melon, lemon dill salmon, and sad green beans = dinner.

Wow, that’s only 3 weeks of pictures. I eat a lot… and a lot of stuff I don’t post about. That’s kind of crazy.

What’ve you been eating?



  1. CheeeeEEEEse says

    I have such a weak spot for Cracker Barrel and Waffle House. Seriously, if I won a huge lotto payout, I’d bring a Waffle House franchise to Manhattan…yeah I’m weird like that.

    I’d be interested to try your stir-fry sauce. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • says

      If you call that weird! but you know that makes me WANT YO UTO WIN A HUGE LOTTO PAYOUT!!! hahaha.

      Stir fry sauce … I don’t have my cook’s notebook on me, but it’s a combination of Sriracha, soy sauce, XO sauce, minced garlic, and I think oyster sauce. I have to look – it’s oyster sauce or ‘seafood sauce’ (literal translation; hoisin sauce)… but really good. A little fishy from the XO but it all works really well to my tastebuds, a little spicy. YUM.

  2. says

    Good to know Joju’s fries are good! I saw that on the menu the other day and I was intrigued but a little scared.

    I do enjoy Starbuck’s blonde roast from time to time. It doesn’t taste like burnt cigarettes! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • says

      You know what’s funny? I’ve never forgotten what you said to me when you first tried JoJu… so I never went, but my brother really likes their food so he goes a lot and then brought it over once. He told me to not think of it as banh mi, just think of it as sandwiches with a little banh mi influence. Which totally works – as sandwiches, they’re very tasty! but I wouldn’t say what I have tried thusfar is “banh mi” so to speak. The fries are fried extra crispy, crunchy even, so they don’t sog, which can be good when it’s topped with all that stuff. I like them but definitely something to share – my bro got 2 orders for 3 people (one of them our mom) and it was a bit too much. Yummy though!

      I’m not a big fan of dark roast in general, but I think blonde lacks a little creaminess for me. I’ll have to try again, maybe I didn’t use enough coffee… I’ll just try it at the store, haha ๐Ÿ™‚

      • says

        Yea, it’s funny though because end up going to Joju a LOT because my friends love that place. I ask for pate for $1 more but I think I’ll stop because it doesn’t taste like pate. It’s cheap and filling. =)

  3. says

    haha Love your bowl for your pork stir fry over rice!
    And I miss Panera. We do have places here like Kneaders, Corner Bakery Cafe, and Paradise, but they aren’t Panera..
    And you are so not fat!
    I’ve been eating a lot too. I feel so unhealthy these days!

    • says

      I got that bowl at Daiso in SF I believe – a couple years ago, though I saw it at a different Daiso in SF back in October. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Trying to be healthier, thus the bento – hopefully the portion control will work in my favor. And the walking…

  4. Connie says

    Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter is quite possibly one of my favorite supermarket finds last year! You’ve had quite a few tasty looking meals.

  5. Dessert Zombie says

    I already miss my sourdough bowls at Panera…now if only they would freakin’ offer the NE Clam Chowdaa!!

    That piece of pita wasn’t very good to me. Not even warm and kinda stale at Nish Nush. The mint and chocolate spread were fine though. Too bad no Turkish coffee yet.

    Hope you get to use the French press more.

    And never again I hope to that Chinese-run Hibachi place. No good deals during lunch either. I rather eat more Tex-Mex!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • says

      Weird, because the pita they gave me with my hummus was really good – fluffy, chewy, and yum. Oh well.
      Thanks again for the French press! and we’ll definitely go for Tex Mex again. That was good, though I ordered too much.

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