Pounds and Ounces

One particularly glum day – I was glum, not the day! – I met up with Cturb for a walk along the Highline so he could take photos.


I saw these cool reflections on this building along the way, but couldn’t figure out where they were coming from. Pretty, right?


In any case, since Cturb was leaving for a few months to hang in Aspen for a bit, I let him pick where we’d eat. He chose Pounds & Ounces – isn’t that communal table pretty? It was an off-hour, so the place was completely empty… which also meant the really great happy hour prices were in effect!


Such as their buy one get one drink special! Since I went to The Strand, I’ve been yearning for a hot cider drink with bourbon in it. Alas, there was none on the menu, so I got the Naughty Apple, which had apple cider and alcohol… but was cold. Cturb ordered the huckleberry fizz, and seemed very pleased with it.


First up were my choice of asparagus fries. Lightly battered, crisp, and ever so slightly greasy, these were a great start and an excellent companion to our drinks. (Yes: it is possible to deep fry without the item feeling greasy afterwards. It has to do with temperature of the oil when an item is added, and proper drainage after it’s done being fried.) I quite liked the mayo dipping sauce, though Cturb liked it less than I did.


Next, Cturb’s choice of mac&cheese croquettes and my choice of deviled eggs. The mac&cheese croquettes sat in a puddle of deliciously airy cheese sauce; perfect in all its forms. The croquettes themselves were deep fried balls of mac bound together by either the lightest hand of cheese or with just eggs; they were meant to be swiped through the puddle of cheese, and were fantastic. Cturb enjoyed them so much, he put in another order as soon as this one was done.

I can’t see deviled eggs on a menu and not order them, even though I’m consistently disappointed. They are frequently just hard boiled eggs that have had their yolks removed, blended to a creamy consistency, then piped back in; I prefer texture in mine and make fantastic ones at home with chopped celery and/or bell peppers, and pickle relish and all sorts of things. These were absolutely made by the pickled jalapenos that were scattered on top; slightly pickly and ever so slightly spicy, they really took these to the next level. I have to stop ordering deviled eggs in restaurants, but these were quite good. I might start putting pickled jalapenos in my deviled eggs…



Last but not least, our rib eye slider with fries. I thought this was only OK; the patty was too tight and lacked seasoning to my liking. Cturb enjoyed it though, and I certainly found it to be a great deal – $5 for that! It was on an onion roll, which he particularly enjoyed, but it just didn’t do it for me. The fries were good though!

Everything on the happy hour bites menu was $4-5 (I think in our case, only the deviled eggs were $4), which was a great deal. I’d definitely go back to try more bites or get the ones I really enjoyed – those mac&cheese croquettes, for example! – and some more of their cocktail menu. Cute place, great happy hour deals. Check it out!

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photos all taken with my Samsung Galaxy SIII


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      If you guys care about the crowds/scene, I’m not sure what kind of people go here as it remained almost entirely empty while we were there. But the food was on point, if that’s all you guys care about.

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