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Sometimes, you just crave a big bowl of hot, steaming tofu soup (soondubu), so Dean and I wandered into Seoul Garden one chilly night after a few drinks at Keen’s. The banchan is good, and…


The soondubu arrives still boiling hot, bubbling a bit, while you crack your raw egg into it and stir till it resembles almost a very spicy egg drop soup. I foolishly thought that since I’ve been eating a bit of spicy food lately, I could ask for it “a little spicy” but it was way too spicy for me. I was sweating – and not from how hot the soup was, either. However, on the cold night, with me at the start of a bad cough/sore throat, this really hit the spot – I believe in sweating out toxins and eating/drinking things to soothe sore throats, so this was exactly what I wanted. I think it was Dean’s first time with soondubu, and he seemed to enjoy it, too.

I wouldn’t say Seoul Garden makes the best ever soondubu – I personally have really enjoyed BCD Tofu House’s more (they’re opening a new one in the same spot there used to be one in Ktown, yay!). It’s hard to explain what it is – it’s a more complex taste, more depth to the soup. I’ve made this at home a few times, and while mine passes as some version of soondubu, it definitely isn’t quite there yet in terms of complexity. Maybe I need to add more anchovies… In any case, Seoul Garden suffices in a pinch when you want soondubu, and they’re open late! I’ve been there in the past and I’ll probably wind up there again … solidly good.

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  1. Steph F. says

    I’m normally a lurker on Feisty Foodie but had to comment on this one! I’m deployed overseas and can’t get soondubu, so my mouth literally watered at your picture and description. Thanks for reminding me of all the awesome food back home ๐Ÿ™‚ can’t wait to get some BCD in my belly!

    • says

      Thank you for serving our country and all that you do so I can do what I do!!! I’m glad I could bring a smile to your face and remind you of yummy food. Hope you get some soondubu soon!

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