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After my tour of Union Market, I met up with Dessert Zombie to grab sandwiches from Russ & Daughters. I actually visited Russ & Daughters during my sabbatical, but enjoyed it so much, I wanted to go back and try a few more items. IMG_8581.JPG

When I saw elderflower soda, I had to get it! Plus SFG had sent me a photo of this a while back – he’d had it in San Francisco – and I wanted to try it. Unfortunately, it carried with it a $3 price tag. It was good… but I still prefer making my elderflower soda at home, using syrup purchased from Ikea for $6. Do you know how many sodas I can make with that bottle? – this was lightly effervescent, not overly sweet, solid. Not $3 delicious though.


I wanted to try two different sandwiches, so Dessert Zombie agreed to split them with me. First up: the Pastrami Russ, which had pastrami-cured salmon, sauerkraut and mustard on it. I wasn’t sure how this would all work together, but the peppery, creamy salmon, the tangy mustard and the sourness of the kraut really came together to be more than the sum of its parts. The bagel was chewy in all the right places, soft enough to bite right through but that distinct bagel chew as well. YUM.


Our other sandwich, the Heebster, whitefish & baked salmon salad with horseradish dill cream cheese, was another winner. The spice of the horseradish dill cream cheese elevated the salad part, adding another layer of complexity to the sandwich. I really enjoyed this one as well – the flavors just worked well together, and again, the bagel was great.

I strongly recommend anyone who hasn’t been, go try these sandwiches, or any of their other amazing specialty sandwiches. The salmon is awesome, and there’s a lot of combinations that I’ll be back – for something new or something I’ve already had, who knows, but I’m sure my mouth will be happy.

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  1. Dessert Zombie says

    Yay, tasty sandwiches. Too bad they ran out of bialys.
    I would go back for the Heebster!! Maybe even to try the Super Heebster. And another piece of the Chocolate Babka, probably the only babka for me. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • says

      You do!!! It’s seriously good. Plus the inside is such an old school store feel. Just be warned, there’s no seating inside – two benches outside but it might be too cold when you go (unless you go this Saturday, haha). We walked to the Astor Place Starbucks to sit and eat out sandwiches (so I could take those photos).

    • says

      It wasn’t very busy when we went but when it is, yes, I think the line might extend outside the store. It’s very small/cramped inside – when you first walk in, there’s counters along both sides (left is fish/bagels/savory, right is baked goods). When someone is standing in front of one of the counters, it’s not easy to pass them, it’s a little squeeze before it opens back up a teeny bit (in the back along the right hand side is a drink refrigerator, and some shelves with jars of goodies). I can imagine it being very hectic close to the holidays when people are ordering stuff for breakfast/brunch with visiting relatives, etc.

  2. says

    Russ & Daughters is my favorite place for lox and cream cheese on a bagel. My parents are obsessed with their dried fruit and candies when they visit. I love living 5 blocks from there!!

    • says

      I live half a block from an OK bagel place, and 4-5 blocks from a much better bagel place. I’ve only walked to get bagels from the better place once… I just don’t eat bagels then. Hahaha wow I sound lazy – anyway, it would be dangerous for me to live closer to Russ & Daughters… but it’s sooo good!

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