About a month ago, I attended an evening of exploring Aruban cuisine. Did you even know there was such a thing? I certainly didn’t, and admit that I was wary everything would have coconut. Island cuisines often contain a lot of coconut, which means I can’t eat anything… but when I expressed my concern to the PR people running the event, they assured me this was not the case and I’d be able to eat everything as served!

20121127_183743.jpg 20121127_190054.jpg

Starting the night right with strong drinks – lots of tropical fruit to help us forget that it was a cold and rainy night out! Crispy seafood fritters that were awesome with the drink, cutting the sugar and adding a lot of texture.


The tablescape was absolutely beautiful – romantic but not overly so, just right with the alternating heights in the centerpiece… lovely.

20121127_193852.jpg 20121127_203002.jpg 20121127_205734.jpg

We were also treated to a lovely meal, starting with lobster salad, banana stoba, and a delicious tres lechi dessert (a take on the traditional tres leches). During our meal, we learned about Aruba’s culture: how they have many women in power (progressive!), how Aruba is part of the Netherlands – I had no idea!, and about their rich history. It was incredibly informative… we even got to listen to one of their island treasures play the piano amazingly, passionately, and wonderfully.

At the end of the night, I was thoroughly convinced that I need to visit Aruba ASAP. The weather, gorgeous beaches, lovely food, amazing culture… it’s definitely moved up the list of travel destinations for me! (Yes, I put it on my holiday wishlist!)

Have you been to Aruba? What did you think? Anything amazing I must do/see/eat when I go?

Please note that I attended this event courtesy of the Aruba Board of Tourism, and was under no obligation to post about this event, positively or negatively. I received no monetary compensation to do so. All opinions expressed are my own.

All photos taken with my Samsung Galaxy S III.


  1. CheeeeEEEEse says

    Did someone flash the Pedant symbol in the sky?

    Aruba was part the Netherlands Antilles, (Which was dissolved in 2010) a grouping of islands that used to be under Dutch rule. Now it is it’s own country along with Curacao and Saint Marten.

  2. CheeeeEEEEse says

    I’ve been to Aruba for a day (it was a cruise destination) but all of the memories have been entirely wiped from my mind. It was so unbelievably hot that the constant 15 MPH wind did absolutely nothing to cool me off. I think I went into an air conditioned mall and bought the Linkin Park album Meteora. That’s all I got…

    The album was good though.

  3. says

    Famous beach restaurant Aruba are at palm beach and eagle beach serves you finger licking food and best in class beverages. You can experience your dining at the shore of the sea.

  4. Dessert Zombie says

    Never been to Aruba either. Hmmm. I guess another cruise is in order. A vacation with a lot of eating. Why not?

  5. Alberta says

    Feisty Foody, you were absolutely correct: Aruba IS part of the Dutch Kingdom. Aruba has not been part of the Netherlands Antilles since 1986. Since 1986, Aruba has received a special separate status within the Kingdom. The other 2 Dutch islands mentioned received that status in 2010.
    Aruba has the most white, powdery beaches… amazing…. and the best food…. you should definitely go.

    • says

      Thanks for the correction on the correction! I am definitely eager to visit Aruba as soon as time and finances allow ๐Ÿ™‚ If you have any specific restaurant recommendations or resorts/hotels where I should stay, do let me know!

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