Sake Sushi

This is a quickie post as I forgot to take photos of everything – Sake Sushi in Rego Park offers a super cheap lunch special. So cheap that I went there twice in a week, though I only took some photos one of the times.

All rolls are $3. That’s ridiculously cheap already.

Sake Sushi - Rego Park 01.jpgTC got the tempura lunch special, which was around $6 and had a decent number of shrimp and various vegetables, along with rice.

Sake Sushi - Rego Park 02.jpgI chose the tonkatsu or pork cutlet. There’s actually two layers of pork on that place – a ton of pork that I took half home and ate it for another meal.

All lunch specials come with ice cream, too – green tea or red bean, maybe vanilla too, though I tried green tea one week and red bean another week, enjoying both a good amount.

The first week, I tried the box sushi and found it to be too much rice, while the raw fish wasn’t the freshest, so I don’t think I’ll be going that route again. But for around $6, the cooked food lunch specials are a ridiculously good price – miso soup or salad to start, then your main course, and ice cream for dessert. How awesome is that?

While the food isn’t outstanding, I’m happy to have a decent cheap Japanese take out style place within walking distance of my place. It gives Chikurin a run for its money (across Queens Boulevard from each other) – and I’ll definitely be back for more cheap lunch specials! … and ice cream ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. T.C. says

    The meal wasn’t anything phenomenal. Shrimp Tempura for $7 was fine with me but probably won’t that dish again. I wasn’t expecting much. Good serving size and nice touch with ice cream at the end!!

  2. BlindBakerNYC says

    I didn’t get any ice cream included with my meals the times I went!! I feel so cheated! Maybe they don’t offer ice cream for dinner bentos?

    One thing that really bothered me about Sake is the size of their rolls. Way too big. I don’t like when I have to take multiple bites of a piece of maki–it’s too messy.

    And I agree with your advice to order the cooked stuff. Good value overall!

    • says

      It would say on the menu – ours was listed right on the menu as including ice cream!

      The rolls I’ve gotten there weren’t too big, they were all normal sized. Maybe because you got specialty rolls?

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