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A while back, I posted about Minetta Tavern and lamented a burger that didn’t live up to its hype (which is quite common in this fair city, actually).ย  Scott Gold (celebrated author of The Shameless Carnivore – affiliate link) responded that he’d been enjoying the burger at 5 Leaves in Brooklyn and suggested I give it a go, and as I happened to be in the area the next day, I decided to check it out.

5 Leaves 01.jpgThere’s no denying that when I approached the restaurant, I grew rather concerned based on the demographic being served already. I was surprised that it was so busy on a Wednesday afternoon, but I shrugged it off and was seated immediately. The menu actually had a number of items I’d have liked to try, but I was on a mission: the burger. Not the Five Leaves burger – which adds a fried pineapple ring, beets and a sunny side up egg (leading me to believe there’s some Australian influence here, perhaps?) to the regular burger, which boasts harissa mayo and grass-fed beef for $13.

5 Leaves 02.jpg 5 Leaves 03.jpgWhen I ordered the burger, my server asked me what I’d like with it- salad, fries or truffle fries. I’d just assumed fries, but because she asked, I decided to be healthy, I should have a salad – and hoped that it would be interesting at least, much like my salad from Brindle Room. Not so much- just a pile of spring mix, meh. I was a little surprised when the pickle turned out to be spicy, too – possibly a McClure’s spicy pickle spear – but you really want to know about the burger.

It was juicy, and cooked properly to my specification of medium rare. Tasty, no question about it, and the harissa mayo took it in a new direction for my palate, quite good. But it’s not a destination burger – I would not tell anyone to go out of their way for this burger, it was simply good but not excellent. If this was in my neighborhood, I might visit more frequently… but alas. It did not knock my socks off.

Yvo says: Good burger and interesting menu; if I were going to be in the area, I might visit again. Unfortunately, their clientele was made up of almost entirely the types of people I don’t have any interest in being surrounded by: hipsters, older folks reliving their glory days by discussing what movie deals they’d declined in the past (yes, that was seriously the conversation of the two older gentlemen to my right when I left), and young moms with their strollers socializing with other young moms. BUT that may appeal to you… I’m not you.
solidly good burger

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  1. says

    I’m in Greenpoint a lot—will have to check it out. I LOVE spicy mayo (and I don’t like mayo in general). I like to swirl in sriracha into my mayo–now I have to do that with harissa! Mmmm…burgers….

  2. says

    I liked their 5 leaves burger but it was too big to fit in my mouth without having every fall all over, I had to cut it to pieces.

    You should try Manhattan Inn’s burger! It’s just a stone throw away on Manhattan ave. It’s quite delightful!

  3. T.C. says

    Nice burger.
    Wha? Turned down truffle fries for salad? Not unless other type of fried items are ordered. ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. says

    Sadly, the best burgers around here are the homemade ones. If I were lazy, I’d probably go with Five Guys or Carl’s Jr.

    Good luck on your best burger hunt!

      • says

        Hm, I honestly have no idea. haha

        Just looked it up and there’s a place right downtown that serves Green Chili Burgers (I’ll try it out and let you know) and another place that serves it in Moab which is HOURS southeast of me.

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