Tupperware Innovations: Not Just Burping Containers Anymore

You know it’s going to be a good event when the spokesperson from Tupperware starts off with “We’re not just burping containers anymore!” I grew up with Tupperware around the house, so I was excited to learn about their other items.

Tupperware 01.jpgThis event focused on a few of their newest items – specifically these manual chopper items. The one on the right makes a not-soaking-wet soffrito in just a matter of minutes, which surprised our celebrity chef guest to the point where he apparently now employs them in his restaurant, Hearth. (Which I reviewed once but I won’t link to it because it’s a super embarrassing review – so embarrassing that I don’t even need to look at it to know why I shouldn’t be linking it.) ย  The one on the right is great for smoothies or gremolata or finer chopping purposes.

What I liked about both was – and this is funny since I have no kids – well, the first thing I thought was “this would be great for getting kids involved in the kitchen without giving them knives.”ย  Yes, there are sharp blades inside there, but keep them shut and the kids can help you without any harm of cutting themselves!

Tupperware 02.jpgA really lovely white bean dip on crostini.

Tupperware 03.jpgI think this is so cute – it takes care of watering your herb plants for you. I really want one!

Tupperware 04.jpg Tupperware 05.jpg Tupperware 06.jpgChef Marco Canora explaining how to make certain dishes to us, and then showing us how to butcher a rabbit. I had to look away – I have a huge aversion to eating rabbit, and watching him break one down was pretty heart rending for me.

Tupperware 07.jpgThe fantastic pasta he made for us – delicious and flavorful.

Tupperware 08.jpgThe rabbit stew he made as well, though I didn’t sample this.

I really enjoyed watching Chef Marco explain the dishes to us and was happy when he signed a copy of his cookbook for me – Salt to Taste (affiliate link). I was also pretty impressed with the gadgets they let us play with – and wished desperately for a cream whipper to take home for a certain relative of mine. (Oh yes they did have one. And I made whipped cream in it, in just a few minutes.)

Hmmm…. should I have a virtual Tupperware party so you can all buy products through my link? ๐Ÿ™‚

I attended this event courtesy of Tupperware – thank you again for your hospitality and the lovely parting gifts! – but was under no obligation to post about this, positive or negative, nor did I receive monetary compensation to do so.


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    He looks like a puffy version of Andy Garcia. In a good way. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Tupperware is fun. I grew up with it too – but it is expensive. My tupperware pieces are the ones that don’t leave the house b/c I would be heartbroken [not to mention poorer] if I lost them or someone took them home from a potluck “accidently”.

    Great idea about kids and the choppers.

    • says

      Hahaha! I didn’t even notice that, but he does sort of look like Andy Garcia! And yes, it is super expensive – now that I think about it, it’s possible we didn’t have Tupperware or had only a piece or two, which would explain why I used to call all containers “Tupperware” until one day I realized that’s a brand name…

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      They’re too cute to eat, my former aliases (which I know you aren’t going to reveal!), and I don’t find the taste all that amazing though I’ve found a single rabbit dish that I REALLY liked and would eat any time. Rabbit pate or terrine, I forget which one, at the Breslin… yum

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