One chilly March Saturday, I headed over to the American Museum of Natural History to check out this really cool exhibit – Beyond Planet Earth: The Future of Space Exploration. It was a really interesting exhibit, and if you’re into space stuff, I highly recommend it – though do be warned that this is a separate ticket cost from the museum itself, though admission to the museum is included. I think it was $20 a person, which may not be worth it to you if you’re not THAT into space (we didn’t really walk around the museum too much afterwards; the exhibit itself took about 2-3 hours to see in entirety).

Before we did that, though, we had to fuel up for walking around, right? So I picked Isabella’s for its proximity to the museum (okay, that’s a lie; I didn’t realize just HOW close it was when I picked it, but it is right across from the southern flank of the museum).

Isabella's 01.jpgA glass of the Bella Vita on the left for me (sparkling basil-lavender lemonade) and iced tea for DLS on the right. I love sparkling drinks, so it was a no-brainer; unfortunately, the basil and lavender were both very faint, though I would rather that than an overabundance of lavender.

Isabella's 02.jpgDLS chose the mushroom omelet – apparently he loves mushrooms – and I know he really liked it because he kept telling me try some. The mushrooms were tender and swathed in a perfectly cooked blanket of egg, a slight cheese touch to bring it all together. He was quite happy with his dish.

Isabella's 03.jpg

Surprising exactly no one, I chose the smoked salmon benedict, one of my absolute favorite brunch dishes (mostly because it’s unlikely I’ll make this at home); the lemony Hollandaise mixed with the perfectly poached eggs, running over the smoky salmon and the crisp buttermilk biscuits… just fantastic. I was clutching my stomach in pain by the time I had to call it quits, and I wanted to keep going, it was so good. The potatoes were also great – seasoned strongly, with enough flavor to make anyone forgo ketchup seeking… just a great brunch pre-museum, without question.

I should note that though I failed to photograph it, the bread basket came with this lemon poppyseed pound cake that was addicting, and I had trouble not eating it all and ruining my appetite for the meal ahead. It came with a flavored whipped butter as well that we both enjoyed as well… The bread basket alone was simply fantastic.

Yvo says:ย  I really enjoyed my brunch at Isabella’s, and would not hesitate to suggest a repeat visit – though we didn’t have to wait this time, I’ve heard that the wait times can be a bit excessive at times. Service was pleasant, and prices were in line with what I expect to pay for brunch – especially in that area.ย  Yum!
recommended brunch

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  1. says

    i have been on a lemon infused baking kick here at home and I have to say the lemon poppyseed pound cake is by far my favorite. You are right, made correctly you could gorge on it, it is so good.

    Glad you didn’t tho’ because those eggs benedict look spectacular and I love your description. You can practically taste it reading your words. Yum. Lucky girl.

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