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One Sunday morning, I met up with FS for brunch and shopping – the recipe for a perfect Sunday, in my opinion. I always enjoy Five Points and it was apparently on her list, and because they take reservations it was the perfect choice.

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I went with my standard choice, Smoked Salmon Benedict – made slightly different here, using a cheddar biscuit as the base, topped with sauteed rapini before adding the smoked salmon, poached eggs and hollandaise. The hollandaise was lemony and tangy, without overwhelming and instead just enhancing the salty goodness of the smoked salmon… the poached eggs were strangely uneven – one was perfectly cooked, the other ever-so-slightly-overcooked, but the combination of everything with the bitter rapini and the crisp, cheesy biscuit… there’s only one way to describe each bite, and that is benedict-heaven. Nirvana, even: imagine, if you will, the crispness of a fresh biscuit, along with a hint of cheese, against a creamy egg yolk, lemon hollandaise, melting together with smoked salmon, bitter rapini, for this mouthful of pluffy deliciousness. I could not have been happier as I devoured my plate; I was almost ready to lick the plate clean, though FS surely would have thought I was insane. As it was, I nearly cleaned my plate, though I was full to bursting and sadly had to leave one final bite on the plate. Swoon.

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FS fared as well – her eggs were also poached unevenly, but her pork belly hash was well received. I tried a bite and thought it was more BBQ than I’d expected, but still very tasty.

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We also split an order of fries that were a bit over-seasoned, but super crisp and addicting.

Yvo says: I have to say, Five Points is one of my favorite places for brunch – not just because they take reservations, but because the food is solidly good (and some of it is incredible), the decor is relaxed but upscale enough to make it still feel special, and it’s just an overall fun place. It’s a great place for brunch, and I recommend it to anyone – especially as fuel for a day of shopping in SoHo ๐Ÿ˜‰
highly recommended brunch

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  1. says

    The greasy bbq sauce on the pork bell hash is a bit overwhelming to the eye. It looks too oily to eat, although I am glad she liked it.

    I love new takes on eggs benedict. I wonder if swiss chard would be a good substitute for the rapini. I have it coming in bags fresh from the garden and it such a brilliant idea they had to butter a bitter green there with the salmon.

    I really need to practice my poached egg making skills. Everytime I see you have one I want one too. I know the dog likes my mess ups. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • says

      I don’t see why not, though Swiss chard might be a bit less bitter (to my tongue, anyway), so needs less tempering for bitterness. And um, you have my address, send some chard my way ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Part of the reason I eat so many poached eggs at brunch is because I can’t make them for my life at home. I tried for a while and the first time, I did okay, but I got progressively worse with practice…

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