Two Little Red Hens

Post-Chambre de Sucre, a couple of us headed to Two Little Red Hens to ogle the goodies.

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I picked up a couple of treats for the birthday dinner I was attending later that night.

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Key Lime Pie, blackout minis and red velvet minis… The blackouts went over really well (I didn’t try one), and I thought the red velvet was decent. I’d earlier had a Key Lime mini and really enjoyed it, but I didn’t realize that my friends wouldn’t be too keen into trying it, oh well… it was really good though, moist and tart and just delicious. Probably my favorite of the night.

Two Little Red Hens has lots of other goodies, but they close early which is why this was the first time I’d been there despite spending lots of time on the Upper East Side in the past few years. Give them a shot if you’re in the area – lots of deliciousness to be had!

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