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Last month, CT and I head down to Princeton, NJ for the day to welcome her Mom back from her latest sabbatical to India. Fortunately, this time around was only for a month and not longer. After spending the afternoon with her and CT’s Dad, we went for an early dinner before heading back to NYC. After hearing our options, we decided to get Japanese food at Mo C Mo C right in the heart of town.

Unfortunately, the online menu does not have prices listed so I can’t tell you how much each dish cost. I can say that while it was cheaper than any Manhattan sushi shop, it was the kind of restaurant the university students ask their parents to take them to.

We started with the standard order of edamame for the table.

CT’s Mom started with the appetizer sized order of tempura. There was a nice variety of shrimp, onions, carrots and more. CT and I shared a shrimp and both enjoyed it. The batter was light enough to allow some of the sweet shrimp flavor to remain.

We also shared some gyoza. We didn’t expect a green wrapper, but it was quite pretty, unique and most importantly thin. The filling was mostly vegetables, but we expected that. As you can see the bottoms had a nice crisp shell from the pan-frying.

CT and I decided to share the sashimi platter for two. It was definitely less than $60, so not a bad deal especially when this HUGE platter was placed in between us. There were the usual suspects of tuna, salmon, octopus, clam and a bunch of other fish that I had no idea about. All I can say was that everything was super fresh and delicious. Definitely worth getting if you like sashimi as much as we do.

CT’s Mom also got the daily special roll, which I believe was crab and mango. The ten slices were pretty large, so she “forced” the rest of the table to eat a couple. I liked the combination of the creamy avocado and sweet mango & crab. She also got an order of uni.

CT’s Dad also got an order of uni along with some eel and I believe shrimp. I believe he liked each of them a lot.

There was a little miscommunication with the waitress so the fish katsu he originally ordered never came. Since he was still hungry after his sushi, he placed a late order for it. After inquiring to the type of fish, it turned out to be tilapia. It was quite a nice presentation and looked like traditional chicken katsu at first. I had a taste and it was cooked perfectly. The fish was juicy with the breading nice and crunchy with very little grease.

When everyone was adding on an order of uni to their meals, our waitress asked if we would like to try “live” uni. She explained that they have live uni that the extract from their spiny shells as opposed to the usual “box” of uni that comes from Santa Barbara. She then told us it was $25 per order. WHOA. I think regular uni was only $9 or $10. However, CT’s Parents insisted we try the live uni. Since they were treating us, we went for it. It was quite the presentation with the shell and all. The pieces of uni were on top of sushi rice wrapped in avocado like the “regular” uni CT’s parents got. CT wisely just ate the uni, while I just put the whole thing in my mouth. It was quite sweet and delicious, but wasn’t worth the premium price. I also lost a lot of the delicate flavor due to the rice and avocado. It was nice to try something special but I wouldn’t get it again. Regular old uni from the box is fine by me.

Before we got the check, our waitress presented us with this.

It was the uni shell with the spines removed and boiled. It actually had some crazy natural designs in it that make for a great lamp cover. They actually used some of these to with their bathroom lights. What a great souvenir!

All in all, Mo C Mo C was some of the best sushi I have ever had. Maybe even better than our local joint, Iron Sushi. Thanks again to CT’s Parents for treating us to a lovely meal and continuing to prove that the Princeton culinary scene ain’t too shabby!

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    That’s a lot of food!! Looks like a good deal.

    Also, after all my sushi eating, I think live uni is only worth it if it is from Osaka. Otherwise, boxed from Santa Barbara is the next best thing.

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