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Do you believe in serendipity? That moment where needs and wants collide with special offers and you say “oh!” and without hesitation, you click ‘purchase’ on one of those numerous deal sites that proliferate currently? Maybe not, but when I saw a deal for Dominique Ansel Bakery on Gilt City, it seemed only right that I buy 3 of them. Yes… I said 3 of them. What? I know I’ll be back. And you know, I share…

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First up was an almond croissant, because of my obsession lately with almond croissants (I’d been going to Francois Payard Bakery for them), and my oh my, this is now my favorite almond croissant. The flakiness, the frangipane within, just amazing and incredible – the perfect breakfast to start an excellent morning. LOVE.

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The choco-soft-bun was DLS’s choice, but disappointingly, it wasn’t particularly interesting. It actually reminded me of these dinner rolls that I made in a bread making class I took at Le Pain Quotidien months ago (and didn’t take pictures of so I didn’t post about it – but Dean did!) – basic bread recipe that we cut and shaped into small dinner rolls, then filled with our choice of chocolate or butter. Soft, doughy, but not really that interesting. I would not get this one again, and DLS seemed to agree.

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Last but not least, the pain au chocolat. This was in a class by itself from the choco soft bun! Deliciously flaky, chocolatey, buttery, just perfect. While I’ll stick to my almond croissant, this is still an excellent pain au chocolat and anyone would do well to go with this. Yum!

Please note – for anyone who purchased the Gilt City deal but hasn’t redeemed it yet – it only applies to what’s in the front of the counter, aside from the DKAs, so you can’t use it for the desserts, macarons, or the fresh madeleines.

Honestly, after hearing me rave about this place the first time, why haven’t you been yet?!

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