One weekend in early February found me way out in Huntington at a friend’s store’s grand re-opening – it’s actually a really cool store, so you should definitely check it out if you play tennis. They have an online store too if you can’t get out to Huntington – click click. After hanging out for a few hours, though, a bunch of us were hungry, so we headed over to his favorite local Mexican restaurant. I admit, I didn’t have high expectations for authentic Mexican way out in Huntington, but that shows what I know…

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The place was kind of full when we got there, but a quick rearranging and they were able to accommodate our group of 7.

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When I saw horchata on the menu, I obviously had to order it. Whenever I see it on any menu, I order it! StB was happy to see this and ordered it as well… and this was way better than what I’d had at La Churreria. Lightly sweet, and scented with nutmeg and is that cardamom… I really enjoyed my glass.

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We were brought these nachos on the house – a nice bite to stave off the massive hunger we all felt. Our server – who I think was also the owner, or one of them – also brought out tamales, but I didn’t take a photograph (it was far away) and I actually didn’t try it either since I’m not a fan of masa. Everyone who ate them really enjoyed them though! There were also chips and salsa brought out when we sat down, which is always a welcome snack to munch on while browsing the menu. Not greasy, but clearly housemade, crisp chips with a light salsa, yum.

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Aside from the presence of horchata on the menu alerting me to the fact that this wasn’t some fake Mexican (ie, Tex-Mex, which permeates the NY dining scene – and while it’s tasty, it isn’t what I always want), the menu section entitled “Mexico City Tacos” described as soft corn tortillas, fresh onions, cilantro and salsa confirmed this. Real tacos! I chose al pastor (pork), carnitas (pork), and al carbon (steak), and my goodness, though it was a little odd that sour cream was still served with them (I love sour cream, so it didn’t bother me, but StB pointed this out to me), these were LEGIT. Really juicy meat, oozing over my hand as I stuffed each one into my mouth (NOT WHOLE!), the flavor was on the spot and really good. I really enjoyed my tacos and ignored everyone else as I devoured mine.

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DLS chose the fish taco platter, and I tried a bite of fish. It was grilled, flaky, and good, but I really vastly prefer fried fish tacos, so these weren’t going to win me. I think he enjoyed them as I don’t recall him complaining… then again I don’t really listen to him when he talks, ha.

When we were all done eating, a plate of fried bananas was brought over for us to enjoy as well, compliments of the house. Nice touch!

Thanks again to Derek for dinner, and congratulations again on the store’s grand reopening!

Yvo says: I would not hesitate to return if I’m in the area again (though my friend who owns the store mentioned a pizza place nearby that I have to try, so that may be the next time I’m in the area). These tacos were legitimately good and closer to real Mexican tacos like I wanted (though don’t get me wrong – I crave my share of Tex-Mex every once in a while!). Definitely give this place a go if you’re anywhere nearby!

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  1. Alvin says

    Another great review, thanks!

    A minor quibble though – Tex-Mex isn’t “fake Mexican”. Tex-Mex is a distinct regional American cuisine that draws from Mexican influences but it isn’t Mexican cuisine nor is it supposed to be…

    • says

      I should have clarified – a lot of places in NYC offer Tex-Mex and try to pass it off as Mexican. Actually, even good Tex-Mex (the best I’ve ever had was in Houston) is hard to find in NYC. My mistake for being so glib!

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