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Pizza Roma 01.jpgI was recently invited to an event celebrating the launch of pizzAperitivo at Pizza Roma, an unassuming pizzeria that sits on Bleecker Street a mere stone’s throw from my favorite beer-focused bar, Blind Tiger, where one of the bestest and cutest bartenders, Kate, slings beer. PizzAperitivo, Pizza Roma’s version of aperitivo, will run weekdays from 5-8pm and allows those who purchase a beer or glass of wine at the bar to receive a free slice of pizza.

Pizza Roma 02.jpgWe got to sample a wide range of their pizzas – the dough here is aged for 96 hours which results in a surprising crust, depending on your topping (I found each pizza had a different texture to its crust).  My hands down favorite, however, was the marinara (top left). The sauce was slightly sweet but garlic slapped me in the face, lovely since I adore garlic (vampires need not apply).  The other pizzas ranged in crisp crusts to slightly doughy ones, so depending on your preferences, you can easily find one to suit your tastes.  Not pictured, I also tried what looked like a piece of dough that’d been fried and stuffed with cheese and a bit of meat. The result was airy and chewy, almost like a piece of mochi… so good! I later found out this was called Pizze Ripiene, or foccacia cut in half and stuffed with delicious goodies… mmmmm.

In any case, I enjoyed the pizzas I was able to try and strongly suggest anyone who wants to stop in for a beer to grab a slice of pizza while you’re there – Birra Moretti is $5! Enjoy the happy hour special!

Please note that though I attended this event courtesy of Pizza Roma, I was under no obligation to write about my experience, positively or negatively, and received no monetary compensation to do so. Thank you again to Pizza Roma for your hospitality!

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    What is the green one in front of your favorite. Is that cucumber or zucchini. Looks intriguing and it ALL looks good. And what an awesome deal. Do you get a slice with each beer you purchase or just one per night. I could only eat one [oh, and I don’t drink, heehee] so the point is probably moot, just wondering…

    Vampires need not apply made me laugh. Here too!

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