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Something amazing happened a short while ago. I discovered myself eating and enjoying spicy food… progressively more and more! Now, I don’t eat anything crazy, and I’m all about flavor over heat – and honestly, if something is served to me that isn’t spicy, I don’t really see a need to go out of my way to add heat… BUT if something is served spicy, I’ve been enjoying those dishes. What’s this got to do with anything? Well, my friend EL and I drove out to check out Pepperheads way out in LI, and picked up a couple of things. Well, really, he picked them up, since I’m not ready for that level of heat (though the ground chipotle on the end is mine). The store was small but packed with loads of hot sauces and assorted spicy goodies – I recommend anyone go there and check it out! But try to go on a day when the only person working isn’t a young high school girl bored out of her skull who doesn’t really like spicy things and is only there for spending cash, and hasn’t been properly trained at all. No, seriously.

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After we were done there, we both wanted a snack, so we headed a few doors down and hit up Salsa Salsa, at the salesgirl’s suggestion. We ordered nachos topped with bacon… yes, bacon! and the usual. Since EL apparently hates cilantro, the staff was kind enough to make him a quick fresh salsa (not on the menu) – which turned out to be simply diced tomatoes and onions, and put the other stuff on the side for me… since I love cilantro. The nachos were a hefty portion, and quite tasty, we had a blast digging through the platter and getting kind of messy. Super filling, too, and I think it was around $7. If I’m ever out that far again, I’d totally return. Super friendly staff and pretty good nachos – maybe next time I’ll actually try the other stuff, haha! (I went directly to dinner with family afterwards.)

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    You crack me up! You remind me of Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation…”Yes, I believe I will have a third steak tonight, let me go ahead and put in that order now…is everyone ready for their after dinner omelettes?” Love it!!

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