High Pearl – Lunar New Year

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You may remember last year when I went to Hop Kee with a bunch of friends to celebrate Lunar New Year. Well, this year, we decided to plan a little better, and go to one of my tried-and-true places – High Pearl a few days before Lunar New Year eve (when it would be super busy). (This is why I was happy Snorlax chose a different place for his birthday dinner – otherwise, I would have been here twice in 3 days, which isn’t a bad thing, but I thought I’d be repeating a lot of the same dishes.) As you can see by Hungry’s post on this meal that goes through it dish by dish, there were more mediocre dishes than otherwise. Here I shrug and say – I know what dishes I like and are good here, and I didn’t choose to insist on not ordering the dishes I didn’t think would be good. I’m not upset about what we ate, but I didn’t feel that our meal showcased all that I love about China Pearl (fka High Pearl). No big deal – I still enjoyed the meal with friends!


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      I tend to favor the walnut honey shrimp (which I actually thought was a small portion that day), the Chinese style steak (jhung sick ngau lau), certain soups, the fried tofu, beef ho fun (wet), the chow meins and some veggie dishes. Basically what you generally see me ordering and posting about here is what I like here… but I’m always open to trying new dishes, just that I wouldn’t vouch for them ๐Ÿ˜›

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