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You know what makes my job easy? Sometimes, I get emails from companies whose products I already enjoy, asking if I’d like to sample some of their new products. Yes, of course I would like to try your product that I already like, and write about it (though no one ever asks me to write about their product, they just ask if I’d like to try them – I always get to choose what I write about).

Such was the case recently when Tazo Tea contacted me to introduce me to their line of bottled teas. Well, one of the things I ingest on a regular basis but rarely talk about on Feisty Foodie is my Starbucks habit; I have a fondness for many of their prepared foods, and sometimes, I’ll grab one of the Tazo Teas in there to go with a quick bite for lunch. I really like the iced green tea because it’s low calorie, tasty, and is just the right amount of sweetness to go with just about any food I eat.

However, I could only ever find bottled Tazo Tea at Starbucks. Now Tazo is launching an entire line, and sent over a bowlful of goodies – literally, the above bowl! – for me to try. The first flavor I pulled out to try was plum pomegranate, which, if you know me, is not really something that I’d think would strike my fancy (I’m not a huge fan of fruit teas in general). But the plum flavor was strong, and wasn’t overwhelmed by pomegranate’s tanginess. (I’ve long wondered why there are no plum juices easily available… it’s so delicious!)

As for the rest of the goodies in the bowl, there was a journal, a yoga mat bag, and a $15 iTunes gift card… to help me reach my zen place. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tazo’s bottled teas are available at a Whole Foods Market near you. Keep an eye out!

Please note that I was under no obligation to post about this, positively or negatively. Thank you again to Tazo for the adorable gift basket!


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      There were a few zero calorie flavors I tried – chai, Zen, etc. – and a few others… I’d have to double check, but the plum really stood out as tasty goodness!

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