On DLS‘s birthday, I made a point to go into the city and have lunch with him at Hatsuhana, chosen both for its proximity to his work place and because when I mentioned having gone there months earlier, he seemed interested in visiting one of NYC’s oldest sushi restaurants.  Funny enough, I didn’t realize it was the other location that was closer to him, and this location is pretty hidden away… which made it a bit difficult for him to find.  Whoops! 

Hatsuhana 2 01 

After we’d ordered, our salads came.  Once again, fresh, and bright from the ginger carrot dressing, I found this fairly standard, a decent start to any meal. 

Hatsuhana 2 02

Our miso soup was also standard – but a very welcome bowl on the chilly day. 

Hatsuhana 2 03

DLS chose the chirashi, chef’s choice, which came with a wonderful assortment of fresh, raw fish atop sushi rice.  Salmon roe, uni, shrimp, tuna, tamago, and other lovely pieces of fish.  He seemed to enjoy this very much, though I declined to try any.

Hatsuhana 2 04

For me, the Hatsuhana Gozen, or a lunch set with a few pieces of tempura, a California roll and grilled cod that was glazed slightly with soy sauce.  I really like cod and found this perfectly cooked, with a nice crust and minor sweetness from the glaze.  The tempura was serviceable, though I’m not a huge tempura fan – two pieces of shrimp, kabocha squash, sweet potato… tasty enough.  The California roll was standard, nothing special.

Yvo says: I really enjoyed our lunch at Hatsuhana – we sat at the sushi bar and enjoyed watching the chefs work their magic, while our service was as attentive as though we were sitting at a table, maybe even more so.  Prices are a little steep, but given the quality of what you receive, I had no problem paying the higher prices – and hey, it was DLS’s birthday.  I would definitely go back for a special treat!

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  1. G.S. says

    Have always loved reading your blog, but miss Beer Boor’s column.
    Is he no longer a friend? Do tell, I’m sure I wasn’t his only fan.

  2. Jerry Z says

    I’ve never eaten at the Park Ave location but I’ve had one of the best sushi dinners at the 48th St location a couple of times. Besides the superb sushi quality, I really appreciated the noise level which tended to be a quiet atmosphere with hush tones from diners. I ate at their 2nd floor sushi bar. Highly recommended.

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