Patati Patata

A short while after eating Fairmount Bagels, we headed over to Patati Patata for – you guessed it – poutine

By this time, DLS had discovered that he preferred poutine in its classic form – that it was perfect as is, and additions tended to cloud its taste or were simply unnecessary.  So he chose to get the plain here – wondered why an olive was on top – and proceeded to devour it.  I know he enjoyed this one, though I believe he liked La Banquise slightly better.  Crisp frites, savory gravy, and lots of cheese curds.  Yum! 

Since I wanted to be slightly different, I went with poutine avec viande – poutine with meat.  I believe it was choice of bacon, sausage, or simply beef – I asked the counterman what his favorite was, and he said beef.  Beef turned out to be a plain burger patty cooked quickly on the flat top that was then chopped up and tossed with the gravy.  The burger patty was super plain – hardly any or no seasoning whatsoever – so though I understand DLS’s point about toppings just interfering with the poutine, in this case, I felt it just added a meatiness to the dish, so if you were extra hungry, for an extra $1, it’s not a bad option.  It didn’t detract from my poutine, though it didn’t add much beyond an extra layer of heaviness to make me super full once we were done. 

Yvo says: This is excellent drunk food – the place is super tiny and cramped, so be warned – but the menu is small, cheap, and fun.  I would totally go back if I were in the area, though I don’t know if I’d go out of my way to eat here. Luckily, there are lots of shops in the immediate area! 

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          As I told TT in the Pommes Frites post, we’ve been 3-5x now? I just haven’t taken a photo, and we’ve always gotten it to go (which is partially why I haven’t taken a photo). He has declared it ‘good’ (which is why we’ve been back so many times!)… I leave it to his opinion since he’s eaten poutine way more times than I have ๐Ÿ™‚

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      In general, no, but the good poutines do. That’s part of my criteria for good poutine – excellent frites that hold up well to the gravy. It doesn’t have to remain super crispy, per se, but it can’t turn soggy or mushy by the time I’m done eating, they should still retain some texture. I’ve had it once or twice where it stayed sort of crispy but then those might be overfried initially to achieve that end result. Or we eat it so fast that the end comes before anything can get soggy… hahaha!

      (Other criteria include good gravy – savory, not too gloppy, not too thin, and real curds that are gooey. Sometimes the curds aren’t quite melty/gooey/heated properly – like if the gravy is ladled unevenly- but if they’re real curds, that is more important!)

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