Bojangle’s Famous Chicken-n-Biscuits

As I mentioned, during my trip to Raleigh, I was trying to hit all the places in the south that I just don’t have access to in the north.  Bojangles falls squarely in that category – I’m not sure they ever had any locations in the north but I wouldn’t even know – as I’ve heard over the years about Bojangles.  I finally got a chance to try it early Saturday morning…

As it was breakfast time, I didn’t think it would be appropriate for me to order fried chicken.  Sure, I have a friend who claims to have frequently purchased an 8 piece for dinner and consumed the entire thing in one sitting by himself, but… that isn’t me.  I swear, it’s my friend!!!  Ahem. 

So I ordered the only thing on the breakfast menu that was chicken & a biscuit: the spicy chicken on a biscuit, with bo-tatoes and sweet tea.  The sweet tea was pretty standard – not too sweet, which is great. 

The biscuit was a little sad, a little soft and greasy.  It tasted exactly like biscuits I hate, from fast food places I no longer visit.  Fake-buttery, mushy, soft; I very quickly gave up and focused on the chicken inside. 

I should have added hot sauce.  The chicken was lightly spiced, but not spicy; overcooked a bit where the chicken was dry and stringy in places, and just… meh.  It wasn’t bad, but this is definitely something I feel no need to revisit.  Ever. 

The bo-tatoes, on the other hand… well, these were great!  Perfectly fried, mini-rounds of hash brown patty… yum!  Crisp exterior, fluffy chopped potato interior, just fantastic.  I liked these a lot and totally would eat these again.  Since there’s mini, there’s more edges to get extra crispy, to soft fluffy interior.  Love! 

Yvo says: While my entire breakfast cost only $5.05 – which by the standards I’m accustomed is a complete STEAL – I don’t know, did I order wrong?  I just wasn’t all that impressed by what I thought had to be awesome; fried chicken for breakfast?  Come on!  What did I do wrong?  Someone?  Help!  I want to love this place, but… I didn’t. 

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      I certainly hope so – I would not say no to returning, but neither am I in a huge hurry, and as they are not in the NYC area, it looks like it’ll be a while anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I’m guessing you had a bad one, is all. Timing is everything. I’ve found ordering it with cheese is a solid idea as well. (And the regular chicken is just a hair better than Popeye’s, which we all know is the best chain fried chicken otherwise.)

    There was a Bojangles’ location in Brooklyn, of all places, on Broadway in a food court in the front of an Associated grocery store. I visited a few weeks after the Bo pulled out — the signes were still there, without the Bojangles’ logo, but the packaging was all still there. And the chicken was horrible, which was probably part of why they pulled their name.

  2. chakrateeze says

    Back in the day, we had a couple of Bo’s down here (Memphis, TN). One day you’d go there and it’d be great. The next, gross. So if I saw one, no matter where it was, I wouldn’t bother.


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    I love Bojangle’s. I ate there all the time when I was in Charlotte. I have not had a bad batch, but I went during prime meal times so the chicken was always fresh.

    Reading your entries really makes me miss USA, not that Hong Kong is a bad city to live in, just different.

  4. T.C. says

    Mmm botatoes. I want some tots though.

    And I’m not the person eating a whole 8-piece dinner alone.
    Nothing wrong with fried chicken for breakfast. GAME ON! But needs to be on the juicy side.

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    Well, I don’t think Bojo’s chicken and biscuit is their best item, yeah you should have just gotten the 8 piece box! And I do love their biscuits: fluffy, salty and crispy, yum. Finally, each franchise location can do things slightly different. The Knightdale location may just not be the best choice for Bojangles. IMO, Bojangles is better than Popeye’s and both are WAY better than KFC.

  6. Richard Sweatman says

    Bojangles if done right has awesome products
    With the ” key ” produced right! Sad thing I once worked for one of the founders – Jack Fulk a great Man – a pioneer in his time! I had the opportunity to work for his operations in Raleigh Durham – Tri-Arc Foods for his daughter and son in law Donna & Tommy Haddock perhaps the best of the best Bojangles operations out there!!

    I had the pleasure of being with them for 4 years and I can honestly say without a doubt their franchise knows how to keep the vision of their founder intact as the products always have tasted just like it did when I got my start in Memphis Tn in 1982 when the chain only had at the time 35 restaurants and I was proud to have worked for Jack Fulk and in 1986 work for his son in law Tommy in RDU areas . The Charlotte Group has only a select
    Number I could probably count on 1 hand who have ” Bojangles ” experience from the 1980’s and he knows who he is !! It’s sad I was just in Charlotte Nc last week and being there 3 days I decided to eat at 3 locations – huge mistake !

    While traveling on my way back to Missisippi I stopped in McAlla Alabama and shared with the UD there he needed to let Corp know his staff needed to train all of Charlotte mgmt how to produce a good Bojangles product!!

    He thanked me as I told him that my 3 visits were horrible – food quality only and his staff knows how to produce a quality product!

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