New Meadowlands Stadium – Giants v. Bears, August 22, 2011

Football season is in full swing, and while I am through-and-through a baseball fan, a little known trivia tidbit about me is that I used to be a HUGE Buffalo Bills fan.  They went to the Super Bowl 4 years in a row – and lost all 4 years – but I would console myself with the knowledge that this meant they were 2nd place in all of football (spoken like a true Mets fan – gotta find some way to make up for losing, right?).  I had to give up when they failed me too many times, plus I was a little kid, and I didn’t really understand the sport anyway.  (First down is something that seriously eluded me for a very long time.  We won’t talk about that.) 

This year, things are a little different.  Baseball is still my number 1 sport, and I don’t see that changing any time soon, but my bestest buddies started a Fantasy Football League this season, and I’m participating.  I’ve watched the Super Bowl every year regardless of whether I cared who won or not (I always pick a team to root for just to make it more fun), and I like football enough… but I’d never been to a game. 

Enter Cookie: she won tickets to her company’s suite at New Meadowlands Stadium, and graciously invited me to attend with her.  Um, yes, hello, suite seating?  Sure, it was a pre-season game, but whatever, why not enjoy a game in style? 

After a bit of traffic – yes, I drove into lower Manhattan to pick Cookie up, then onwards into NJ, on a Monday evening – we arrived at the stadium.  I took a photo of this because I understand the Weber connection, but Lobel’s?  Does this mean there’s a stand inside???  I really like their steak sandwiches at Yankee Stadium

but we headed straight to our suite and I snapped a photo of the view, while the players warmed up a bit. 

For the suite, as soon as I walked in, this was on the table on the right – cookies, brownies, and a Cobb salad.  With lots of bacon and chicken, which sucked for Cookie because she’s a vegetarian. 

The salad itself was really pretty – grilled green onions, cubes of avocado, chicken, blue cheese, bacon, brightly colored tomatoes, cabbage… it was pretty tasty too. 

I snapped this photo when we got there, but it was refilled shortly after – chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, and buffalo wings (which went the quickest – definitely football food!). 

Hot dogs… which no one touched.  Baseball food, I guess?

Pulled pork on the left, and spinach-cheese dip on the right (which is what Cookie wound up eating mostly).  Needs more chips and bread! 

I don’t know why this amused me so much, but it did: the phones have the Giants logo on them! 

And my first plate was clearly absentmindedly chosen: cole slaw, salad, and chicken fingers.  I still don’t know what I was thinking.  Cisco phones and Sysco food… the chicken fingers were exactly as you’d expect. 

The pulled pork was marginally more interesting, while I liked the spinach-cheese dip a lot.  The wings were pretty eh – again, standard Sysco issue – but great football food.  I think I may start making wings on weekends as I’m watching a lot more football now (and getting my butt kicked in my Fantasy Football League). 

Then, kickoff! and I sat outside, glued to the game, watching the Giants kick Bears butt.  I totally forgot to wander around the stadium to see what’s available in terms of stands because I have this “nasty” habit of staying in my seat during game play.  (I get to baseball games early, eat, then sit in my seat for the entire game… rarely taking bathroom breaks unless absolutely necessary.) 

I had a lot of fun at my first live football game though, even though the food was only so-so in the expensive seats.  Thanks again to Cookie for the ticket, and big ups to the Giants for their stomping of the Bears in pre-season ball!!! 

Oh yeah: Ottis Anderson was totally in the suite next to us, rocking both his Super Bowl rings.  A girl in our suite started ranting about him being a jerk for wearing the rings or something, but I didn’t understand what she was talking about.  Cookie went over to say hi to him, and he let her try on one of his rings, which I thought was cool (they are BLING!).  The guy seemed nice enough but I didn’t feel comfortable going over to talk to him when I had no idea who he was…  Oh well! 

Let’s go BIG BLUE!!!  ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. says

    Go Giants!

    Nice hookup for suite tickets.

    I got free tickets to a suite at Yankee Stadium last night for the Red Sox game. super plush.

  2. T.C. says

    Cool. Way to live the suite life.

    Wonder if phones change to Jets logo on their days. Probably.

    Oh, It became MetLife Stadium on August 23rd officially.. Day after your pre-season game. Haha. I didn’t even know til watching their recent Monday Night Football game.

  3. says

    I went to the stadium opening tour. Everything turns green and has the Jets logo when the Jets are playing at home. This includes the lights in the bathrooms.

    Also, as a proper football fan, you must come to one of the regular season games with me and witness tailgating. Awesome fun, awesome food!

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