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What do any normal people do after going just about stir-crazy while being forced to stay inside by Hurricane Irene for two straight days?  They eat pizza and go bowling, of course, and so that’s what Beer Boor and I did the Monday after Hurricane Irene came, left our two neighborhoods untouched (but messed up plenty of other places, unfortunately), and disappeared. 

Our first stop was Pizza Classica, sitting snug inside a large shopping center anchored by Stop&Shop.  A reader recommended this place to me a few months back, though I couldn’t remember what was recommended.  I just walked in, noticed and appreciated that along the right-hand side is a pizza-by-the-slice counter for you to look at slices to pick out and order, and the left hand side is a dining area split in two – one part for people to have table service (this part separated with dividers and a sign that says “Please Wait To Be Seated”), and another part for those like us who just wanted to grab a quick slice and have a place to sit for a few minutes while we did so.  I like that. 

In any case, I walked straight up to the case and started peering at the slices.  I immediately stopped when I saw what looked like and was confirmed to be Buffalo chicken pizza!  A few months ago, I was making pizza at home every Friday, and every week I tried something new.  One of those weeks, I’d successfully made Buffalo chicken pizza that I really liked, though I’d never ordered it anywhere.  Though my usual MO at a new pizza joint is always to try their plain slice first, I wanted to try this, so I ordered that.  It looked pretty big, so I stuck to that. 

Beer Boor ordered the white slice and a Sicilian, in the background.  I’m sure he’ll be by shortly to tell you what he thought of them. 

As for my slice… it was packed full of chicken on top that was pretty spicy.  I’d asked for blue cheese on the side, which was happily provided, but unfortunately, whatever kind they’re using was terrible.  (It tasted plasticky and just like bad bottled blue cheese dressing.  There are only a few brands of bottled blue cheese dressing that actually taste good, though, so they just picked wrong.)  The pizza itself was tasty with its toppings, though it grew progressively spicier for me until I couldn’t handle it anymore (I’m a spice-wuss).  I had to trade Beer Boor for his white slice; I’d never had a white slice before but I don’t think I like them (which is why I’ll let him tell you how it was). 

Obligatory upskirt!  I thought the crust was decent.  This is like the kind of pizza I grew up eating (in Queens, NY, yes).  Not super thin or cracker like and definitely not too thick.  I like. 

And then we went bowling where I had my butt kicked twice in quick succession, even with handicaps. Beh.

Yvo says: While I was unable to eat more than half my slice, that wasn’t their fault but mine.  I thought the pizza was perfectly good, and I’d have no problem going back if I’m in the area or even getting delivery from them (I’m pretty sure they’d deliver to me, even though we’re not super close).  Next time, definitely trying a plain slice as well!  And maybe eventually even some pastas or the like, they have more than just pizza on the menu.  And if you’re the reader who suggested this place – thanks! What did you recommend again?
great neighborhood pizza place (no need to go out of your way)

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  1. Jeff Newman says

    Multiple Suggestions Here…. Pizza Classica is my favorite Order In pizza place in FH. They have a special Family Deal. 1 large pie, 6 garlic knots, 6 buffalo wings, 6 mozzarella sticks, a small house salad and 2 liter soda for $24.00. It’s a great deal. Their chicken parm is great, as well.

    However, my favorite is their brick oven pies. They are smaller, 12inch I think, but amazing. The alla nonna is this super garlicky mini pie. My wife and I split 2 of these, (one alla nonna and one something else) with a few slices left over.

    I should mention that my wife is crazy about their Grandma Slice. Says best in the area. I felt it was a little to thick…

  2. says

    Classica is our “go to” pizza place in the hood. The pizza is good, NY stle pizza, but what really surprised us were the sandwiches and the dishes. Their Linguini with clams is delicious and the orecchiette with sausage and broccoli rabe is one of my favorite neighborhood dishes. The sandwiches are fresh and have a lot more variety than the usual pizza place “just pile on sauce and cheese and put it in the oven” versions.
    Good solid pizza place.

    • says

      Oh, that’s great to know, Tom, thanks! Now I am moving this place slowly up the ladder. I love Nick’s but they’re a little pricey and they don’t deliver. This place will be great for when I want normal/regular pizza – the kind I grew up with – instead of the thin crust fancy pants kind ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. says

    I haven’t bowled in ages! Did you go to Jib Lane?
    I love to discover these hidden treasures in Queens. There are some neighborhood Italian stores in the middle in Whitestone that I’m glad are still ‘secrets’. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • says

      No, we went to Whitestone Lanes because we had a Groupon. I’ve been to Jib so many times but I still don’t know how to drive there because someone else always drove… and while the place is nicer, parking is harder and I always run into people I don’t like there. Hahaha! But I do have a coupon for free bowling there, so I might wind up going there next time ๐Ÿ™‚

      You have to email me and tell me these secret places… I won’t blog them… ๐Ÿ˜ก hahaha!

  4. says

    this place is awesome! best NY slice in the area indeed. No trip to stop & shop is complete without a slice here. The pastas are quite tasty well.

  5. says

    As to the two slices…

    The white was okay, but I expect more garlic on a white pie. Lots of mozzarella, and big pockets of ricotta, which isn’t the style I prefer but I obviously eat it that way if that’s what is offered. Just not much flavor to this.

    The Sicilian slice fared better. It was a bit thick and chewy in the middle, but there was enough sauce and cheese to make up for the overabundance of crust. I’d hit it again.

  6. says

    I’m not really the kind of person that enjoys non-traditional toppings on pizza like buffalo chicken. However, when I tried fried calamari pizza once, I was hooked. I’ve only seen it in NJ though.

    • says

      Ooh, I have to keep my eye out for that. I only tried the buffalo chicken one because Cheese talked about it so lovingly, honestly. I do tend to eat plain pizza by the slice, with the occasional foray into something meaty.

  7. says

    Thanks for the pizza suggestion! Its a shame that you have a spicy weakness-we love a good slice of Buffalo chicken pizza! We also agree that most bottled blue cheese is not very tasty. We are not against being one of those people who carries their favorite bottle of dressing in their purse. Sometimes it is absolutely necessary!

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