Village Tavern Inn – Hammondsport

At our driver’s suggestion, we found ourselves at Village Tavern Inn  for lunch.  All of us were starved by this time, so we skipped appetizers and went straight to ordering main courses.  And then waited.  And waited.  And… waited… Seriously, our food took an hour from ordering to actually getting any food on the table.  We were ravenous and mostly stayed pretty quiet while waiting… and waiting…


BB ordered a Reuben (I think?).  I think she liked it.  I didn’t hear any complaints. 


SpB ordered a sandwich that came with marinara for dipping. 


I think it might have even been vegetarian… but she seemed to enjoy it a lot. 


HB ordered mussels, which I think she liked.  No, I don’t know anyone’s opinions really because I was hungry and concentrating on eating what I ordered. 


I’m not sure who ordered the homemade chips – perhaps HB? – but I did try these and really liked them.  Salty crispy goodness.   


And finally, my dish: crawfish mac&cheese, which came with a side of vegetables.  The vegetables were nothing to write home about, and in fact were overcooked mush, but I expected that. 


I thought it an interesting touch to have two crawfish bodies atop the mac&cheese, and yes, I did eat them.  The shelled crawfish was watery and flavorless.  Maybe they were frozen previously?  Maybe they weren’t meant to be eaten?  I don’t know.  They were pretty sad. 


As for the mac&cheese itself, it was OK.  There was a decent amount of crawfish mixed throughout the pasta, but the flavor of everything was muted.  The cheese wasn’t particularly strong or creamy or even cheesy, the crawfish was just there… the pasta, thankfully, was not overcooked, just this shade of cooked through (not al dente).  This dish was…. OK.  I wouldn’t order it again, and to be honest, I don’t know why I ordered it in the first place – there were other dishes I’d certainly have been happy eating and might’ve done better with at a tavern – but I saw it on the menu and wanted to get it, so I did.  I guess because it seemed so out of place – crawfish on a menu in the Finger Lakes.  Really?  Well, okay. 


Once we’d finished with our main courses (I only took pictures of the food closest to me) – which we all pretty much inhaled, we were so hungry!- dessert was offered to us.  This tray had greeted us upon entering the restaurant, and though it sat next to us for the entire meal, we opted out of getting dessert.  Our meal had taken so long, I wasn’t sure we’d have much time for more wineries after this, and I really wanted to keep going. 

Yvo says: The food was mostly OK, nothing special, but the service?  I mean, was the kitchen backed up?  Our waitress never appeared to tell us this, and when we left, Jack told us that he often noticed the food took a while to come, from what people would tell him.  So this is a frequent occurrence, and I can’t imagine always having to wait so long for very average food. 
meh; if you need something to eat, I guess you could go here, but expect to wait and wait and wait

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  1. T.C. says

    Nice to know you all made it to the DESSERT ROUND! Yay.

    Too bad the food took forever to get to you.
    Crawfish mac & cheese? Interesting. I want me some lobster mac & cheese tho.

  2. says

    Ah, this is the place I’ve always wanted to visit, strictly for the beer list. For the area, it’s outstanding, if a bit pricey for bottles, but it seems like that would be about the only reason to bother with it.

    Not that y’all were going to take a break from wine to drink beer, of course.

    (Also, as kids we used to catch “crayfish” from the creek near home. They’re fairly common in the region.)

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