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I am constantly trying to expand my horizons.  I used to not really like wine, but I’ve explored my way through to find some wine I really enjoy, and am still learning to appreciate the finer vintages.  I really detest beer, but since hiring Beer Boor to write about beer for the Feisty Foodie, I’ve tried many more beers than I ever thought I’d try in my lifetime.  I mean, with most things, I’ll keep re-trying just to see if I’ll suddenly develop an appreciation for it, but with beer, being that I tend to dislike the taste of the very thing that makes beer, beer, it never seemed like something I would enjoy. 

However, back in November, I attended the Second Annual Foodbuzz Festival, and I discovered a beer that I would happily drink a hot summer day away – Come Hell or High Watermelon by 21st Amendment.  I know this is a girly, fruity beer, but it was really enjoyable and refreshing (and on a really hot summer day at the ballpark, I have been known to throw back a Bud Light or two, though don’t let Beer Boor find out because he’ll certainly tilt his nose up and say, “That’s not beer.”).  I told this to Beer Boor, who filed it away in his head and told me that he would find a beer for me yet. 


So that’s how I found myself at Ginger Man one Friday afternoon, staring at a glass of beer.  “It’s blueberry,” Beer Boor said, almost proudly, like he’d brewed it himself.  I mulled this over in my head.  I don’t have a particular fondness for blueberries.  I don’t like most berries (aside from cherries and strawberries; raspberries, blackberries, boysenberries and blueberries don’t bother), but what the heck, it’s in beer.  The overwhelming aroma of blueberries wafted towards me so I thought it couldn’t be that bad, right?  Well.  It was.  I’m not a beer expert or a certified beer judge like Beer Boor is, but I did not enjoy that and nursed it through the rest of the time I was there. 


But really, I was there to eat lunch, so you want to know about this.  Beer Boor and his friend, in town from NH for Split Thy Skull, split a charcuterie platter – hah, yes, two grown men split the meat plate – which I ignored in favor of my lunch. 


I really wanted a salad, so I ordered one.  The Cobb salad was a decent size, and I found myself making my way through it happily.  The slightly tangy dressing was the perfect amount, the gorgonzola crumbles welcome spikes in flavor to break up any perceived monotony, and there was plenty of bacon that I had to fight Beer Boor from taking.  The tomatoes were a bit mushy and gross, but it was early March, so they were quite out of season and I expected them to be less than amazing.  Overall, though, this was a solid salad, and if you must eat a salad while there, this one does a good job of being as un-salad-like as possible. 


A short while later, though, I was in a nibbly mood.  I’ve been thinking about pretzels since Pony Bar, so I ordered one of their pretzels, with beer cheese as a dipping sauce.  I don’t know what beer cheese is, but it tasted like melted queso that’d been thinned out with beer.  I liked it well enough, but I liked the pretzel even more – soft, with just enough salt, and just the right amount of chew.  I was a very happy girl eating my pretzel, even splitting it with Beer Boor as I did. 

I’ve been to Ginger Man a few times now, and while it can get really crowded after work, it’s empty on Sundays and pretty pleasant during a work day.  Of course, as it got progressively more crowded, I decided to leave the boys up to their own devices, so I avoided a lot of that.  Even at 6ish on a Friday, it was starting to get packed, and full of the kind of people I don’t want to be around, so I made my way out – my continuing beer education to be continued another time. 

Yvo says: Ginger Man has a pleasant atmosphere, and a huge selection of beer that I’m sure Beer Boor can and will elaborate further upon.  With regard to the food, though, it’s nice to find another place that both pays careful attention to its beer menu AND its food menu.  I believe I would be happy with any number of the offerings on the menu… and so, I am sure I will be back, sooner than later. 

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    I love Ginger Man! My taste for beer tends to run towards with my BF calls “Beer Sodas,” but whatever works! That watermelon one sounds AWESOME…

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    p.s.- We have a Ginger Man in downtown Austin, and it’s my favorite bar in that area. Not smoky, good seating both indoor and out, decent selection. My only gripe is that the pricing is a little high. At my favorite Austin pub (The Draughthouse) you pay more like $3.75 or $4 for a lot of beer that Ginger Man prices at $5+. But, as far as downtown goes, it’s a great pick.

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      Does the Ginger Man in Austin serve beer in 20-ounce (Imperial pint) glasses for that $5? That’d be equivalent to a $4 US pint. The one here serves in Imperials for (typically) $7, which makes it inexpensive for us.

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        When I’ve ordered Guinness there, it’s always come in a regular-sized (16oz) pint glass, so I guess not! Next time I’ll ask specifically and see what they say.

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          Maybe that’s just for the NY and CT locations. We’re special! They don’t even have the basic shaker pints here. Lots of short pours (13-ounce glasses for the stronger/rarer stuff, or Belgian glassware for Belgians) for the same price or more, though.

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    Now now, Yvo, you know I’d never say Bud Light “isn’t beer”. It’s definitely beer, just beer that’s been brewed out so cleanly that it’s nearly devoid of flavor. It’s not to my liking.

    I do like Ginger Man, but I don’t like the people that it fills with on weeknights, either. Monday and Tuesday nights, and weekend days, are clearly superior drinking times. Beer education shall continue.

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    I like Gingerman too. I haven’t been in awhile. But if you say that Tuesday isn’t too bad, I may make a suggestion to my friends.

    So from this article, I find that the Feisty Foodie likes her beer in the form of cheese dip. That’s not bad at all!

    If you like fruity, what about Frambois? Does that count as beer?

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        Lambics are wonderful creatures. Find something from Cantillon or Struise or Drie Fontinen or… well, there are a lot or great producers available in the US.

        Lindemans fruit lambics are… well, if you enjoy them, enjoy them, but they’re low-alcohol, fruit-syrup-laden fizzy drinks with little in common with lambics/gueuzes by the time Lindemans is through with them.

  5. T.C. says

    I would like to do a HH here sometime.
    I believe we were suppose to before but it didn’t get confirmed.
    Let’s make it happen sometime soon please. BEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRR!

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