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KC and I planned to watch Blue Valentine recently… but you can’t watch such a depressing movie without some food in you!  We headed to a wine bar near the theater, and BeerBoor joined us for the meal. 


We started off with a meat&cheese platter.  The center cup is full of honey… mmm.  Two kinds of sopperesatta (hot and sweet), parma, and speck each took a corner of the platter, with grapes, almonds, and peanuts in the center.  Along the edges we had four different kinds of cheese; truffle cheese, a hard Italian cheese, robiola, and one that we couldn’t figure out.  Asking the waiter proved not much help; he didn’t seem to want to tell us so we could seek the cheeses out on our own, grrr.  Aside from that, we really enjoyed the platter, finding each component – especially the cheeses – chosen very well.  I was really happy with the selection, and I know KC even remarked a few times that she’d never liked every single cheese on a platter before – until now.  Yum! 


KC, who’d been here before, recommended the bruschettas.  This was prosciutto with a black olive butter, and I liked the salty-salty bruschetta.  Even better, however, was…


melty cheese topped with honey.  I really liked taking a bite of one bruschetta then the other for that salty-sweet combination that I absolutely adore.  Yum!  I need to start drizzling honey on top of my cheeses…


I opted to add on a salad just to be healthy, even though it turned out neither KC nor Beer Boor were particularly interested in helping me eat it.  Roasted beets topped with frisee and what I totally thought was apples, but those are slivers of cheese.  The cheese and beets went particularly well with each other, though I thought the beets were not good – they tasted like the canned variety, no roasty-sweetness to which I am accustomed.  Boo. 

Yvo says: Overall, not a bad place to grab a bite before the movie.  We sat at the long communal table in the center – try not to sit on the end, as people entering tend to bump into you, which is uncomfortable – but the tables along the edges looked cozy and comfortable.  The above, along with a bottle of wine and a generous tip, came to about $100.  I really wish I lived closer (like walking distance) to a cute wine bar with great food like this one.

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  1. T.C. says

    Meats and cheeses!!

    Honey on the meats and cheese. Heck, squish them two bruschettas together for a mini-sammy treat. ๐Ÿ˜›

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