Tuesdays with TT: Indian Brunch

CT will be spending the holidays in South Africa with some friends and her parents will be going to India, so it was decided we should all get together the Sunday before everyone leaves. CT’s parents have been itching to use their kitchen, so brunch was home-cooked at their new apartment. Yes, CT & I did go to the FBM Holiday Potluck the day before and were still full, but we are FBM for life!!

We started off with some Ground Beef Chop. CT’s Mom must have made 20 of them for five people. She definitely is an honoree member of FBM. These were basically potato croquettes filled with ground beef. There were some chiles mixed in, which gave them a nice kick. I could have munched on these all day, but they were quite filling and there was a lot more dishes yet to come.

Egg Curry, which is ML’s favorite home-cooked dish of all time. There were whole eggs in a thick curry sauce. I am not the biggest fan of hard-boiled eggs, but after mixing it all together it was quite delicious.

Next was one of my new favorite dishes, Shrimp Curry in Mustard Seed Oil. CT made this before at Wan’s Going Away Dinner. Since then, I can’t get enough. Nice and tangy with great mustardy flavor. It was great to eat on top of some fresh basmati rice to make sure none of the great sauce went to waste.

The main event was Raan (roasted Leg of Lamb). This was CT’s Dad baileywick. It was roasted on the bone in the oven. Check out the steam, fresh out of the oven.

After it was done cooking, all the meat was pulled off the bone for serving. It was absolutely delicious especially when eating with some fresh roti. I would love to try making this myself some day. It would be a lot of fun to cook a leg of any animal to satisfy carnivorous desires, haha.

All in all, CT’s Parents did an amazing job for a Sunday brunch. Everything was delicious! There was so much food and we were so full, that we didn’t even have dessert!! While it was sad to say goodbye to everyone for a little while, it was great that I was the recipient of most of the leftovers. WINNER! I hope CT has an amazing time in South Africa and that her parents enjoy going back to the old country.


  1. says

    My mom makes egg curry too, although Mama Blind Baker uses tomatoes in hers. And if raan is CT’s dad’s bailiwick, and if I actually liked lamb, I’d totally sign up for that dish; it looks wonderful! I see where CT gets her FBMness!

  2. T.C. says

    Alright, those potato croquettes look great! The curry dishes and rack of LAMB too!!

    I think CT should bring out more Indian home-cooking and Hungry finally comes through with Parsi cuisine. 😉

  3. says

    The Ground Beef Chop looks delicious…much like the potato croquettes from a local Cuban bakery (Porto’s, Glendale, CA). I would love to learn to make those! I’m not a big fan of lamb, but even that looks good. Have a lovely holiday.

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