Thursdays with TT: Golden Unicorn

It has been a while since our cooking class got together, so we took an opportunity to go for dim sum. It is one of the best places to go as a group. I am no longer a dim sum virgin, but there were a couple of people that were. Since they were cooking class people, we didn’t have to worry about them getting turned off by the more unique items offered. We got there early(i.e. before noon), so there wasn’t too long of a wait. Going for dim sum after 12 is just asking for trouble. The best thing about dim sum: as soon as you sit down, you already are getting food on your table.

Chicken Feet. I eat these more for the novelty, but still tasty.

Tripe. My dim sum experts are currently in a heated debate on whether it was pig or cow. My first time having tripe. It reminded me of calamari in texture.

CT says: After many years of eating dim sum this was also my first tripe experience. While I’m glad I tried it, I probably wouldn’t order it again just for myself. I didn’t think it had much flavor to it and the texture didn’t win me over. However, if it was prepared in another way, perhaps deep fried, I’d probably give it another shot!

Pork & Shrimp Shu Mai with fish roe on top.

Shrimp & Chive dumplings. It may have been watercress.

Deep fried mochi filled with savory pork. One of CT’s favorites.

Shrimp & Crab dumplings

Steamed Pork Ribs. We had these last time. I had a couple but am not a huge fan, too much bone, not enough meat. We had a lot of this leftover, so I don’t know who took it off the cart. Strange.

Garlic & Jalapeno Fried Shrimp. These were really good. I ate them whole. Every bar should offer this as a snack while watching the game.

Tofu Skin wrapped mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and other things. It was ok, but hard to eat as it was slippery from the gravy.

Lotus Steamed Sticky Rice covered in parchment paper before being unwrapped.

and now OPENED. Another of CT’s favs and now one of mine too.

CT says: I’ve never gotten three mini-rice pouches in one steamer before, usually one large or 2 mid-sized ones. I’ve also never seen the parchment wrapping. I’m not sure it was an improvement, although I suppose it ensured more meaty-innards for each bite.
Roast Pork Buns and innards! NOMNOMNOM (to quote our friend Dean)
CT says: The innards are a little sweeter than other places, but still delicious!

Thick skinned Pork & Chive dumplings. I now don’t like thick skinned dumplings. They were way too chewy.

Rice Noodle Roll with Shrimp. Yes, ANOTHER of CT’s favorites. She likes dim sum a lot! Get over it. Pretty yummy!

CT says: I just love the sauce it comes in – the whole dish is light and fresh!

Shrimp & Chive Fried dumplings. This one of my favorites of the new dishes. The wrapper was a lot thinner than the other dumplings and filled with a lot more veggies. I believe there were bits of pork in it too, never a bad thing.

Daikon cake with chinese sausage and oyster sauce. This was ok, never had it before.

CT says: These were not quite what I was hoping for. In some places, these have a softer, more delicate texture and flavor and I love them! Unfortunately, this was not one of those places.

Clear/Crystal Shrimp dumpling

Even though we were all pretty full, when the peking duck cart came by the table Aimee’s boyfriend was the most vocal I have ever heard him and insisted we get some. I think the restaurant did this on purpose, how could you not get some of that duck?

Peking Duck Bun with scallion, cucumber, and hoison. SO GOOOOOOOOD! I am glad we didn’t pass this up.
CT says: I can’t believe I almost passed on eating this – it was delicious and a perfect ending to the meal!

All in all, Golden Unicorn is a great dim sum restaurant. It ended up being $16 including tax and tip for the 6 of us. Although there are some of you out there that would say that is expensive for dim sum, I say it is SUPER cheap.

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  1. says

    Hi TT! Golden Unicorn was our go-to spot for dim sum when I was a kid. Haven’t been in a long time though. Dim sum is a great way to get variety on the cheap 🙂

    The tripe is beef by the way. The Cantonese way to say the dish “ngau pak yip” implies beef. Ngau = cow.

  2. CT says

    These recaps always make me crave dim sum again!! Can we go back this weekend please… Maybe just for the duck? And pork buns? And maybe a side of savory pork filled fried mochi and lotus wrapped sticky rice? ANB if we’re down there we might as well get the rice noodle w. shrimp too… just the bare necesseties of course!

    • says

      I had dim sum with the family this morning and now I want it again! Har gow (crystal shrimp dumplings) and har cheung (rice noodle wrapped shrimp) as well as siu mai are a few of my favorite dim sum dishes! Love chicken feet and tripe too! My mom makes daikon radish cakes from scratch- it’s hard to enjoy restaurant versions once you’ve had homemade.

      P.S. That sauce you like so much is soy sauce with a pinch of sugar mixed in!

      • CT says

        Jealous! Can your mom make me some homemade daikon cake please? I’ll trade for some homemade indian food?? And thanks for the tip on the sauce… I can’t believe I didn’t know it was that simple that all this time!

  3. Monstermooch says

    omg this made me want dimsum so badly……… and i love the steamed pork ribs. dip it into some hot sauce, and throw it in your mouth. chew up what you can and spit out the rest. YUMM. those would be my bar snack of choice. 🙂

  4. says

    Golden Unicorn is one of the few dim sum restaurants in Chinatown that has survived and maintained its authenticity and deliciousness. I grew up eating there, so I’m glad to see the rave here!!

  5. says

    This is one of my favorite spots for dim sum (Jing Fong is the other). Still waiting for my friend to send me photos so I can put up my post (my camera died as we arrived). MUST get the duck next time!!!

  6. MT says

    the blurry pics are baaaack! O_O hahaha jk TT! Great post as always, you guys got a good number of dishes! And I haven’t seen you guys in a while, I also vote for dim sum again some time soon. yes.

  7. says

    Wow, there’s a Peking duck cart? I haven’t seen it in Toronto, let alone Ottawa. It’s such a great idea! Oh man.

    Dim sum for $16 isn’t bad at all – you guys had leftovers as well! I agree with Simon Food Favourites, it’s so cheap. The secret to bring that number down is to order a plate of noodles.. man, I’m so Chinese. >__<.

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