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One recent day when I didn’t have class, I took a quick trip into the city a lil early before ML HH started to have lunch with a friend, who ordered the above: roast pig over rice.  I snagged a piece and found it tasty, especially that crispy, crispy skin.  Is it Chinatown-quality?  No.  But we’re not in Chinatown, are we?  And at $6.50 for the above, not bad for a Midtown lunch at all. 


Since I was recovering from an ugly stomach bug, I opted for something on the blander side – a bowl of wonton noodle soup.  I was not disappointed in terms of blandness – the broth was completely vegetal, even green in hue, and the wontons were meh-tastic.  But for $5 and change, it filled me up and suited my sensitive-stomach needs.  Plus, I asked for some hoisin sauce to jazz it up, and they obliged, which helped improve things dramatically. 


Last but not least, when I saw this on a handwritten sign on the wall – homemade soy milk $1.25 – I had to order it.  Definitely homemade in taste and only slightly sweetened (which I prefer), this was a pleasant accompaniment to my lunch.  Yum!  – also something I couldn’t find just anywhere in midtown. 

Yvo says: If I worked in midtown nearish to this place, this would definitely be my go-to spot at least once a week.  Inexpensive by midtown standards, and pretty darn tasty, I would work my way through the entire menu happily.  Mmm. 

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  1. Witzel says

    Roast pig is my fallback now (thanks, Zach!) – I go there once a week, and if I haven’t decided on something else by the time I get to the front of the line, that’s my lunch. I think there might be fewer of the little rib bones now, too.

    Pretty much anything on the “S” menu, or on the sheets of paper dangling above the order counter, is worthy of ordering.

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