Fanta Shokata


I was invited recently to eat with a bunch of great food bloggers.  Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I arrived about an hour late and didn’t really get a chance to take photographs, but I got to eat a lot of Balkan food!  It was yummy and really cheap.


I did manage to get this meta photo of James (The Eaten Path) photographing the food.  Funny.  To me.


But the real reason I’m bothering to post this is because I.found.this.  Holy crap. 

When I walked in, I noticed the European Fanta bottles on the table, but didn’t know what the blue one was until Nommables yelled “Yvo!!! It’s ELDERFLOWER!!!” to which I responded immediately, “Shut UP!!!” because I’m super obsessed with elderflower right now.  OMFG.  Elderflower Fanta (Shokata)!!!  It was a little sweeter than I’ve been making my own elderflower soda at home, with more lemon (it’s technically elderflower & lemon Fanta), but very delicious.  At $2 a bottle, I bought another one to go home with me, and have been trying to find it for a reasonable price online… but have been unable to do so.  Anyone know where I can get this?  It’s “Fanta Shokata” – and according to my research, it’s a popular drink in Eastern Europe.  I want to find more of this stuff!!! Help! 

Fanta Shokata… come to NYC, please! 


  1. Danni says

    I just found this drink recently and had to get it because of the color. There this market and they have a whole bunch of them.

  2. Jennifer says

    Really late to this post, but I too adore Fanta Shokata! And I used to find it in an international food market (with a strong middle-eastern focus). Surely you’ll be able to locate it, if you haven’t already.

    If you don’t mind sharing, what recipe are you using to make your own at home?

    • says

      Yum, thanks for the tip, I’ll be sure to look for it – I’ve drifted away from elderflower, but find it a lot more common lately.

      Ikea sells bottles of elderflower syrup for $5 or so, I mix that with plain seltzer or lemon/lime seltzer (not soda!). I like that I can adjust the sweetness to my tastes, so it’s actually a lot less sweet than the Shokata – haven’t measured how much I use, but I usually start with a pint glass and I think it’s less than a tablespoon (no idea though, since it’s been a while!). Hope that helps! (D’agostino’s and the higher end markets also have more expensive elderflower syrups that might be less sugar and more elderflower, but I’m okay spending $5ish when I’m just mixing it with something!)

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