Thursdays with TT: Main Street Sliders

CT & I had a few hours to kill in beautiful Newark, Delaware before the wedding, so we decided to drive around to check out our surroundings. The hotel was basically on the University of Delaware’s campus. We found “Main Street,” which seemed to be the main commercial drag for the school. It was full of various shops, restaurants, bars, and coffeehouses. One odd thing we noticed that almost every place had a cute name like a coffee shop named “Brewed Awakenings”, a cafe called “Lettuce Feed You,” etc. It was too much! Maybe they get a tax break for having a silly name?

After walking around a bit, we came across Main Street Sliders. It didn’t look like much on the outside. It was actually very nice and clean on the inside. When we saw the menu with over 20 different types of sliders, we knew where we were eating lunch. The fact that they had tater tots put us over the top.

I went for the 3 specialty sliders combo, which included a side and drink for $6.50.

I chose the Southwest Slider, a Beef Slider Topped with a Fried Onion Ring, Cheddar Cheese, & BBQ Sauce. The sauce was nice and tangy and the onion ring gave a nice crunch.

Next was the Jalapeño Slider, a Beef Slider Topped with Fried Jalapeño Slices & Ranch Dressing. The jalapeño was simply sliced and deep fried. I don’t think I ever had it prepared this way. It was tasty and without being too spicy.

My third selection was the Buffalo Chicken Slider, a Fried Chicken Slider Tossed in Buffalo Sauce Topped with Blue Cheese Dressing. This was ok, nothing remarkable.

I obviously chose tater tots as my side and got a huge pile of them. They were very good, nice and crispy, but too much to finish. See below with the Cajun Slider.

CT went for the 2 specialty sliders combo, which included a side and drink for $5.25.

She also got the Southwest Slider and a Cajun Slider, a Beef Slider Topped with Cajun Seasoning & Frizzled Onions. I had a bite and it was very good. It was like a blackened hamburger with crispy onion straw pieces.

For her side, she got a mountain of Old Bay shoestring fries. These were great. They were seasoned just enough so you had the Old Bay flavor without being too strong. They were fried nice and crispy.

Once again, when we saw the menu we overate with our eyes because we also got an order of the Macaroni & Cheese Bites, $3.50. Small scoops of mac and dressed battered and deep fried. They were mac and cheesalicious!

CT says: The sliders, tots and fries were all fantastic. However, I think I enjoyed the mac and cheese bites a little less than TT. I would’ve liked a little more mac and cheese and a little less batter.

Overall, it was a great lunch albeit a super un-healthy one. I would definitely recommend stopping in for a couple sliders and tots if you find yourself in the Newark, DE area.

After lunch, to cleanse our palates and since it was brutally hot out, I introduced CT to Rita’s Water Ice. She never had it before.

She got Mango and I got Sugar-Free Pink Lemonade. Both were very good and super refreshing on such a hot day.

CT says: Yum! I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this place. The mango flavor was delicious! Sweet without being overwhelming and perfect on a hot summer’s day. I will definitely be stopping the next time I see one.

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  1. says

    Ooh, Rita’s Water Ice – there’s a couple in LI. I haven’t had it in a while. The sliders look fab!!! And CHEAP! If this is on the way down to… umm… where the hell is DE… I always pass it… anyway, I’ll have to see if this is on the way during my next road trip south 🙂

    But… why sugar free?

  2. CT says

    Even though sliders have become more popular, but I wish we could get a place like this nearby – simple yet delicious (and cheap!)

  3. says

    I saw where you said “too much to finish” in relation to tater tot but… I don’t understand what you were trying to say. Because if you’re saying you didn’t finish your tots, I’d just cry.

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