Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Kum Gang San

My last day of work, I’d talked to Cookie and Linguine about perhaps meeting up to introduce Linguine to Korean food widely.  Cookie’s extensive experience with Korean food and Korean people made her the perfect candidate to be our guide into Korean food.  When I mentioned this to a few friends, of course they all decided to join us! 


I arrived a bit late, so already ordered was a seafood pajeon, or a seafood pancake.  Chewy and lightly reminiscent of a scallion pancake, I thought it was only alright.  I don’t think I like pajeon or I haven’t had very good pajeon.  Oh well.  Hopefully that will change soon :)


I also ordered a ‘tuna avocado ball’ which is, as the name suggests, a ball of avocado wrapped around spicy tuna.  I thought it was alright – the avocado was the right level of ripeness (that is, ripe and not raw/hard), and the spicy tuna was pretty spicy… Excellent presentation, though! 


Against my face-making, Linguine ordered a sushi appetizer.  I didn’t really follow-up to find out how it was, but I continue to think that was a poor decision, even if he didn’t get sick later. 


TT ordered a big bowl of spicy noodle soup.  I never checked in with him how he felt about it, either, but I’m sure he’ll pipe up and correct me both on what he ordered and tell us what he thought. 


The BeerBoor ordered fried mandoo; I tried one and found it alright.  A bit overfried, which can be nice, and this was one of those cases where it could go either way.  Meh. 


Our meats began arriving and the waitress threw them on the grill.  I’d ordered the Kum Gang San special marinated kalbi, and BeerBoor (who sat near me) ordered the tongue, which was thinly sliced.  He seemed happy with his order… as for me, I was thrilled with how beefy and juicy each piece was, super tender and flavorful.  Absolutely delicious! 


As our meal came to a close, the waitress brought us fermented sweet bean ices, which… were not good.  I took one little bite and couldn’t eat more because it was sticky/gooey and just very weird texturally for ice or ice cream.  I can’t even explain it. 

Yvo says: Kum Gang San is one of the largest/nicest Korean BBQ places I’ve been to (I’ve been there in the distant past, since high school, a handful of times, also for BBQ).  But the prices are hard to swallow, literally, and though the meat item I ordered is totally delicious, I can’t justify this sort of expense on just a bit of meat.  I think my total came to $45 which is just too much money for so little food and in my opinion, not really worth it.  Good stuff… but I can’t, in good conscience, say you should go here. 
mmm… meh-ish

Kum Gang San on Urbanspoon

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10 Responses to “Kum Gang San”
  1. esther says:

    Hopefully, my pajeon is better! :)

    The avocado thing sounds good. The spicy soup looks like some kind of seafood soup and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have noodles inside.

    Have you been to Ham Ji Bak in Queens? Best bang for your buck when it comes to Korean bbq, IMHO.

  2. Aimee S. says:

    The avocado dish looks great. So did the other food but you didn’t seem too thrilled about the whole thing. Too bad.

  3. Gary says:

    The prices for the meat here are obscene.

  4. TT says:

    The pajeon was pretty limp. (TWSS) Han Bat’s is nice and crispy!

    The seafood soup was good, but probably wouldn’t order again.

    No pics of the piano and waterfall??? :(

  5. T.C. says:

    Too bad it sounds average overall.
    MmMmMm Kalbi!
    And the avocado looks good. Spicy tuna!!

  6. K says:

    I saw the photo of just the pancake on your main page, and was so confused thinking you had ordered pizza at a Korean restaurant, haha!

    Photos are great, yummmmmmmmm LOVE Korean BBQ!

  7. Nicholas says:

    They changed the style of the grills? Or is that dependent upon what kind of meat you order? We had thin metal grates that let the meat touch open fire, but this was 2 years ago…

  8. VwL says:

    If you’re ever going through Fort Lee, NJ on your way to Mitsua, you should stop by Dong Bang Grill. Really good Korean food.

  9. Sara says:

    Next time go just for the Dol Sot Bibimbop. It’s fantastic, cheap and tons of food.

  10. Edie says:

    Ha! KGS is where I got my sub-par mool naeng myun. They were very generous with the yummy banchan; it was more than enough for lunch the next day. I feel Kum Gang San in Flushing is better- their pajeon is hit or miss though. Great, now I want Korean food!

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