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I’ve written about Urban Lobster Shack before, but I went there before my departure from the Financial District one last time to check out their new lunch special – $10 for a lobster roll and a Caesar salad.


The lobster roll with container of cole slaw and Caesar dressing.


Caesar salad, which was alright, pretty standard, nothing amazing.  The dressing was really flavorful though – very garlicky and creamy, which was pretty cool.  Not sure if they make it themselves, but I wasn’t complaining. 

The lobster roll, however… well, last time I’d complained that it was missing that sweet lobster taste.  This time was no better; in fact, much worse, it had that ever so slight fishy taste that left a lingering fishiness in my mouth for hours afterwards, despite lots of gum.  Disgusting.  You know when you’ve eaten something and your mouth just tastes BAD?  Yeah, that was this.  I did NOT get sick, though (something I was paying careful attention to because if I did, I was for sure going to b*tch and moan about that!).  Unfortunate because this is an excellent deal.  $10 for a small lobster roll and a Caesar salad with slammin’ dressing! 

Yvo says: I’m not going to hate because I know it’s not lobster season and I didn’t get sick.  I’m sure this could be a one-off that it was a lil fishy, not fresh.  That’s fine.  But it seems like the lobster roll really is just alright… maybe stick to the chowder, which I REALLY enjoyed last time.  For a tiny hole in the wall (literally, it’s a hole in the wall, all orders are to-go only), they have a pretty extensive menu, too.  I definitely suggest giving them a shot for some of their more interesting offerings. 
recommended… maybe not the lobster roll, though, sorry

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  1. Aimee S. says

    Damn! I was really hoping this was going to be good. It looked good and what a deal. Oh well. Have you been to Luke’s yet??

  2. ailin says

    maine has some amazing lobster rolls. Pearl oysterswas not bad to me. esp for 20. but maine’s lobster rolls beat out any you can get in ny. it’s just really fresh there esp when in season.

  3. Arthur K says

    I buy at least two lobster rolls a week from Urban Lobster Shack. Obviously I’m a big fan and a lot of my friends and co-workers have become addicted to their lobster roll once I turned them on to this small window service spot. I can also tell you that they haven’t served the lobster roll with Caesar salad for weeks (they now offer a mixed greens salad, which I like much better because I’m not big of cheese on my salad) so I can’t imagine that your review is current. The lobster has always been fresh and there have been times when I have gotten there after 2pm for a late lunch and theyre already sold out. Ive recommended this place often and the owner told me that they now have a midtown east location with a west side spot coming soon, so it looks like lots of foodies are supporting this place and Id say its for a very good reason–great food at an unbeatable price.

  4. Candace says

    I have been to the Midtown location a few times. The first time I went and, knowing from previous review, I asked for very little butter on their bun. The roll wasn’t too shabby, especially for a meager $10. However, having had several lobster rolls from Cap Cod to the South, I wouldn’t pay a penny more for what Urban Lobster Shack has to offer. I’m offering my commentary because I decided to go there today (my fourth visit in 3 months). I purchased their Lob Roll… They brag that there is twice as much lobster meat and a fresh baked roll. This costs, with taxes, a little over $21.00. I knew that I wouldn’t finish but I also know that the signature small roll doesn’t quite fill me up – and I’m an average sized woman.

    Anyway, the roll was drenched in butter, there was way too many diced celery in there, the lobster meat was definitely not fresh – I would never assume they get their product from Maine. The bread is not apprpopriate for a lobster roll. Always go for fresh and soft. Either way, there was a fishy after taste, long after I discarded a third of my sandwich. The mixed greens really isn’t anything to brag about – your standard bagged salad (something out of Costco probably) and the bag of Cape Cod Potato Chips are definitely a teaser for chip lovers. I opted out of the drink, the corn on the cob, and the soup offers. Overall, I doubt I’ll make a 5th trip and will probably take a train ride to 81st and Second to Luke’s Lobster (heavenly and FRESH) – I’m just hoping Red Hook Lobster Pound will find a home in the city – thought the drive to Brooklyn is completely worth it. Maine lobster rolls are simply the best.

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