SF Foodbuzz Food Bloggers Fest – Boccalone (midday snack on Saturday)


After the cheese session but before the sparkling wine session, I wandered downstairs of the Ferry Building to Boccalone.  TASTY SALTED PIG PARTS… hello?


The little sign says “Please do not disturb the meats” – that’s Miss Ginsu photographing it up close.


We decided to split a ‘meat cone’ which was basically a paper cone stuffed with slices of the meats available.  I forget how much it was – $3 and change? – though Zach kept saying it was a brilliant idea yet cost-inefficient… I’m on vacation!  I’m totally getting it!  And it was SO worth it.  Miss Ginsu and I basically stood outside the lil shop, taking pieces of the meat and going “Mmmmm, this is so good,” and “Ooooooh, I like that one,” “Ahhhhh that’s so creamy!”  SO DELICIOUS.  NOM NOM NOM. 

They also have a sandwich menu and a lil counter you can sit and eat but we were on our way to another event, so we headed over after that…


Zach actually bought coppa di testa (Italian head cheese) and generously offered to share it with everyone while we were at the next event.  Wow.  I have very limited experience with head cheese in general (aside from slices found in banh mi, but that’s so mixed in with other flavors that I barely notice it), so you may want to take this with a grain of salt, but duuuuuuude, that was like pork flavor amplified about 100x.  It was melty-creamy-fatty with this intense explosion of flavor and spices… I ate a few bites and had to remind myself that 1- we’re sharing! and 2- I don’t think this is very healthy so let’s ease back on eating fat!!! Hahaha. 

Thanks again Zach for sharing that amazing coppa!!!

Yvo says: Yum, yum, yum… I don’t know what prices are like for sandwiches and the like here, but I will definitely be back during my next trip to check that out… mmm yumms.  And get another meat cone, because it’s such a novel idea and so cute and all that, and I’m a total sucker for that sort of thing! 

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  1. says

    GAHHH I love head cheese. the Vietnamese head cheese doesn’t have a lot of spices other than the occasional peppercorns so i wonder what was in the Italian one.

    it’s so comforting to eat when warmed on toast because it just melts into the bread.

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