SF Foodbuzz Food Bloggers Fest – Humphry Slocombe (snack on Friday)


While having dinner with my cousin & his wife, I mentioned how much I’d enjoyed Bi-Rite Creamery last time I’d been in the area.  My cousin’s wife immediately told me I had to try Humphry Slocombe, so I skedaddled that way after my lunch at Turtle Tower, which took place after my breakfast at Ella’s.  Which meant I was completely friggin’ stuffed, and yet still had the beginnings of the Foodbuzz Food Bloggers Fest to attend.  Oops…


So I walked in and requested “the absolutely smallest size you have, just a taste really” of the balsamic caramel. 


It was sour with a nice balance to the caramel, but not really my thing.  The texture of the ice cream was awesome – airy, fluffy, light – but I still haven’t gotten into balsamic vinegar as a flavor (for anything).  It’s weird because it’s something I know I should like… but I just don’t.  Anyway, I was happy they’d obliged me and given me a child’s size for $2.25, but even so, I couldn’t finish it because I was just simply that stuffed. 

Yvo says: I definitely need to go back and try some more flavors – they had a ton of really interesting flavors, and I love the little shop’s entire atmosphere.  It had a very ‘local ice cream shop’ feel to it… which I totally appreciate.  The staff was very nice and the prices are on par with other ice cream shops like so.  Love the unique selection of flavors and the texture of the ice cream was great. 

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