Chinatown Ice Cream Factory


Post-lunch at Coluck, my dining companion and I headed over to nearby Chinatown Ice Cream Factory for dessert.  Actually, CICF was the real reason we were even in Chinatown for lunch to begin with, honestly. 


I decided to have black sesame. 


I went outside and couldn’t decide which picture looked prettier, so here’s both.  The black sesame flavor was nice; it wasn’t too pronounced nor too sweet (I don’t like overly sweet things).  However, I did want it to taste more like tong yuan (sweet soup/dessert balls filled with black sesame paste) and found this tasted more like what was leftover when you were done with the soup after a couple had exploded into the murky, slightly sweet water.  After a while, I found the black sesames mixed throughout were too gritty for me, leaving the feeling that I was eating Oreo cookies broken into the ice cream… except the kind that don’t dissolve and melt on your tongue.  I wished desperately for a toothbrush after I was done, and spent some time in the bathroom making sure I had no black sesames visible in my teeth.  Very annoying. 

Yvo says: I’ve always loved Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, but I’ll pass on this flavor.  And now that they’ve raised their prices to $3.75 for a single, there’s no extra incentive to go down there unless I’m already very close – Sundaes & Cones, much more in my general stomping grounds, is the same price.  Recommended for the variety and the fun-ness of going here, but it’s not a must-have.

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