French Onion Soup

Right now, it is raining/snowing/hailing outside.  I don’t know what you call it; I just know that it is slippery to walk through and with the umbrella up, I feel as though someone is dropping pebbles on it as I walk.  It bounces when it hits the snow-covered sidewalks, and while you might say “But fresh snow is so pretty”- yes, it is, but I live in Manhattan where fresh snow at 9:30 am is as rare as a free cab on a rainy day. 

In any case, with the recent “rash” of soup posts everywhere (Far East Cafe Seaweed Soup from Avenue Food; Get-Well-Quickly Tomato Soup from Homesick Texan; Onion Soup from Grocery Guy, to name a few) I’d been ready to go on a soup binge.  Last month’s chowder did me well (so well, I made it a third time, with clams), as did the turkey noodle soup, but I thought it was time to start on a different route.  Fittingly, also, I stumbled across a blog round up for February- Soup’s On!  So, here is my entry, but it might not be the only one, as I plan on continuing making soup until the snow all melts.

Having read about (French) Onion Soup on Grocery Guy, and then on Walker New York, I decided to combine the two and come up with my own.  Which bears a remarkable similarity… but yet, not. 

Three yellow onions, sliced thin
Olive oil
Couple tablespoons of flour
wine, optional
beef broth (low sodium)
Salt, pepper to taste
Par-baked Italian demi-baguette (from FreshDirect), or any good bread

Prepare bread as directed.

In a saucepan, heat butter and olive oil; add onions.  Let sweat/soften on medium heat.  Stir occasionally.  Turn heat up a bit, let it brown a bit.  Throw a bit more butter on it, add the flour, lower heat and stir until the flour has cooked off the flour taste.  Add wine to deglaze the pan (I used a Rioja), then add stock.  Salt, pepper to taste; continue heating until thickened to your taste. 

In the meantime… toast up a few slices of the French bread.  Add slices of Gruyere and toast again, allowing to melt… yum.  Add on top of soup and enjoy!  Happy Eating!!!

I actually have never had this soup before, so I don’t know how it normally tastes.  BF orders this occasionally in restaurants, and he said it was very good- yay!  I liked it as well but seeing how easy it was to make, I doubt I’ll ever order this anyway!


  1. Jerry says

    Soup must be in the air today. Here in Texas it’s trying very hard to snow, the temp is in the 20’s and soup sounded good to me as well.

    Right now the house is filled with the smell of cooking soup, and I’m just dying to get to it!

  2. Alanna says

    Yvo ~ Thank you so much for contributing to Soup’s On! I’ve been experimenting with onion soup too (and was SO intrigued, Kathy, by the onion gratin in Sunday’s Times, yikes it sounded good!) and so am glad to see an onion soup on our list. I’m updating every day or so so come back often to see all the great soup recipes.

  3. SkippyMom says is a soup kind of day! And this looks so soothingly good…mmmmmm –
    I order this out, but have never made it at home…time to try!

    btw – Wine? Wine is never optional…hee! “I cook with Wine, sometimes I even put it in my food.” ;D

    Today we are having SKHubby’s famous chicken noodle [but w/rice] soup and french dip sammiches….mmmm comfort food at it’s finest!


    ps – I am getting the dismissal! woohoo!

  4. Sarah says

    Mmmm . . . I love French onion soup. Thanks for sharing your delicious rendition, which hopefully I will make before the warm weather returns!

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